Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Eureka, Lorenzo's Wife Found!

The most vilified and most controversially popular telenovela in recent times, La Mujer de Lorenzo (Lorenzo's Wife) would soon start showing on LINK 65 (GOTEL). It is a new television station being seen on Lagos, Ogun, Oyo belt. I don't know if Abuja and Port Harcourt people are getting a glimpse of this TV.

Luckily for us, we just laid our hands on the 120-episodes summaries of the full story today. I promised you Lorenzo's Wife, some 51 days ago, on 5th February, 2007 that if I have my way, I would post it for you. That promise has come to fulfillment now.

Therefore, in order not to cause a telenovela riot, I would henceforth create a sitemap for each of the stories that I am posting. What this means is that, if you want to enjoy an uninterrupted flow of any particular story, it is better to get it from its sitemap. Just like I did for Gardener's Daughter and Esmeralda.

My husband criticized me recently, that I am easily influenced by the conflicting demands of my readers. I believe that he was right. If I am not influenced by you, I might lose your followership. Currently based on your demands, I am posting Rebeca, and wanted to resume Ugly Betty and begin posting Lorenzo's wife.

As at the last count, I have recorded about 270 votes or equivalent of commentaries for this soap opera.

The others may have to be suspended until we make a headway with this three. If I have to, as I would sure do, be posting 3 episodes of each daily, there may be a riot, unless you locate the sitemap for each of these you may not enjoy the flow.


clemon said...

Phil, Good day, U're just too too great. God bless U. Bcos of the nature of my job watch Lozenso's wife as been very difficult but with this new development of having a sitemap for some of them I sure to enjoy them all. Remain blessed and Rapturable. Enjoy Heaven on Earth and Heaven will be on the move 4 u and yours.

Omotolani said...

Hi Phil,
You er too good. Thanks for all your efforts. God bless you.

I would like you to include in your list "La Revencha". Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

Many kisses to you, you are a darlyn. Finally, we'll get to read up the snippets for Lorenzo's wife. Are u going to start from where we stopped or from the begining???
Thank u again and trust ur little one is jumping every where now.


Philomena Ojikutu said...

Clemon and mamaJ,

thank you for your concern and prayers. my hubby is so thrilled to hear so many 'gardeners' showering our daughter with love and affection.

Omotolani, I have La Revancha, but it is not on the front burner. like I said before, let concentrate on Lorenzo's Wife, Ugly Betty and complete Rebeca first.

mamaJ, It is better to begin at the begining and rush to meet up and overtake the epileptic airing of AIT and other stations.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil, am new on this blog but from what I've seen, u'r just too much. Pls hurry up and post the site maps especially lorenzo's wife, I can't wait....
Remain blessed

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil, i'm actually new on this, been trying to print out the episodes/snippets of la mujer de lorenzo for my sister to read but i can't seem to lay my hands on it as i cannot find a site map for it.
please, i'd appreciate it if you can help me out.
meanwhile, i'm enjoying second chance so much!!