Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Consuela Conned!

Cunning woman die, cunning man buried her! That was what yesterday's episode was garnished with in the gardener's daughter. Actress Alpha Acosta, popularly known as Consuela was dealt with by no less a person than, her accomplice in crime- Luis Alejandro Montero.

Her morbid fear to keep the stolen Will of Don Fernando from the suspicious hands of Vanessa, had pushed her to put the safe containing this indicting document, in the "safe" custody of her criminal friend, L.A. She had lied that it contained precious jeweleries inherited from her late mom.

The bubble has however burst yesterday, when her lips opened and she mistakenly let the cat out of the bag, that the small safe contained her father's stolen Will. That was enough for L.A take advantage of, he told her that he is going to pass it over to his own daughter, Luisa Fernanda, who was the ignorant but true heiress to the Don Fernando's fortune.

From now on till the next ten episodes when Consuela would die in a car inferno, she began a descent into hell, that none of her old tricks could rescue her from. More of this gists could be found at Snippet 146. For the full Summaries, you may go to the Site Map to capture whatever fish you may desire from the ocean of the gardener's daughter.

This actress got my curiosity and my research showed that she has acted in three telenovela stories in the past that broke records of viewing audience across the globe. They are "MORELIA" (1995), "Romántica Obsesión" (1999) and "La Hija del Mariachi" (2006). One of these days, we may roam into those telenovela territories.

The solidarity messages have continued to pour on me like the early rain, concerning the little illness of my last daughter, Gbemisoke, (who has since resumed schooling this morning), last week and over the weekend. Philip Effiong, Vivian from Abuja, Prof. Olofin from BUK, Kano, Omodesola, 5Alive, NewKing, ... I deeply appreciate your labour of love for my work and my family.

It is strange but true that, from the darkest corner of cyberspace, you people and others too numerous to mention, have helped to raise an enviable monument called the Gardener's daughter blog, worth more than $500 dollars in monthly revenue. That is more than the salary of a university graduate in Nigeria public service.

I love you all. Gbemisoke also appreciates your genuine concern and prayers. She says: "thank you uncles and aunties, big daddies and big mummies ".

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clemon said...

Phil, am just browsing my mail that i read dat Gbemisoke is indisposed. Thank God dat she's back in school. God will continually strengthed her. No more sickness again thus saith the Lord of Host. Accept my love too. Ty. Greetings to your hubby and children.