Friday, March 16, 2007

You Sleep With Him, He dreams of Me

The unending emotional skirmishes between L.F and Jennifer de la Fighter threw up another hilarious account yesterday. After being shunned and abandoned by Guillermo, for hiding the truth that she knew everybody at Lupe's wedding, and that the venue was Carlos' house. Jenny went to renew her warning to L.F not to come near Carlos Eduardo.

She threw up her old and jaded tricks that Carlos was still sleeping with her and could not be the love of L.F's life. L.F reassured her that she (Jenny) may be sleeping with him, but Carlos was always dreaming of her (L.F), while in bed with Jenny. This made Jenny to boil over with rage and with scarce restraint.

All is fair in war, so says a popular adage. Dr. Alfredo Anzola played foul yesterday when he descended to the ignominious level of lies in order to criminalize Carlos Eduardo before Luisa Fernanda.

He sought for and got more than what he bargained for. He took Carlos aside to warn him to desist from running after L.F. He lied that he and L.F have decided to go ahead with their marriage.

Carlos Lectured him that he would never win L.F's love by playing the pitiable victim chained to a wheelchair. He told Alfredo that he must have been happy and never wanting to recover the use of his limbs, so that his pitiable status would keep L.F chained to him.

Alfredo's ego was bruised by this verbal whip, when Xochil suddenly interrupted them, he shouted on her and asked her to leave him alone. Later when L.F found him, he lied to her that Carlos Eduardo threw him out of his house.

The drama was not concluded until Jenny's fantasy was shattered. She had gone to accuse Carlos of not looking in her direction throughout the wedding ceremony. Carlos bluntly told her, that as her ex, she should not bother him again. She was shocked, trying to clarify from Carlos what time did she become an ex?

Jenny walked away with all fury. Get ready for the raging fury of a jealous woman next episode! More of the episodes could be read at Sitemap

Hurray "REBECA" is Found!
Bola Oluyemi, my beloved friend and fellow woman blogger, just rescued most of us who have been asking for Snippets of the new telenovela "REBECA" being shown on MITV and TV3.

I would work to post the snippets after editing them later this weekend (Saturday and Sunday), for your reading pleasure.

Bola runs an educative and entertaining blog that deals about all issues and problems of everyday living, covering such areas as:

* A man's joke
* A woman's joke
* Articles
* Clean Heaven Jokes
* Funny Tips
* Inspirational
* Legal tussle
* Security tips

Visit her Blog called LIFE, and you would be amazed at the resourceful tips at the fingers of this beautiful African lady of inestimable capability. Once again, gardeners should help me by saying a BIG Thank You to Bola for REBECA telenovela.


rahab said...

can you please send me the sitemaps or snippets for the following rebeca,seventh heavens,la revancha,

Faith said...

Please can you stop mixing up the sitemap of the "Gardeners daughter and "rebeca.

Kindly post the sitemap of "rebeca"


Anonymous said...

Hi, could I please get snippets for the telenovela REBECA. I really need to know what I missed since I started watching it halfway.


Anonymous said...

Hi, could I please get snippets for the telenovela REBECA. I really need to know what I missed since I started watching it halfway.


Anonymous said...

Please post for the the snippets for rebeccahh, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese