Saturday, March 17, 2007

In The Middle of A Game

Guillermo has begun to suffer emotional hard knocks from the hands of Jennifer de la Cunning. He told his secretary after a disappointing outing with Jenny, that he just discovered that he was in the middle of a game between Jenny and her ex boyfriend.

He related how Jenny deceived him by pretending that she was his invited guest to the wedding of Ordonez. On getting there, he discovered that everybody at the ceremony were well-known to Jenny, and what more, the venue was the house of Carlos Eduardo, her ex boyfriend. He felt bad to know that Jenny was toying with his feelings while her emotional gaze was, obsessively still riveted on the fantasy restoration of relationships with Carlos Eduardo.

The unending game of revelation of Don Fernando's Granddaughter took another turn as Rigoberto partially let the cat out of the bag. Consuelo, in her traditional wickedness twisted that revelation by lying that Amelia was thrown out, not because of untimely pregnancy, but because of theft. She told the old man that Amelia and her boyfriend stole the old man's money and stocks from the steel plant.

She would later lie to the old man that his granddaughter, died in the auto crash that killed Amelia. This lie sent Don into another round of sorrow, and he had to escape from the house, to go and pour out his agony at the Park.

Jennifer de la Fury promises to go on the offensive in the coming week. She stumbled on Armando as he was telling Carol that he needed to be closer to L.F because she was his sister. Jenny was shocked and filled with fury to hear this truth. Not only would she order Armando and Carol to leave her house, because they were hobnobbing with her mortal enemy- Luisa Fernanda. She would also rush to leak the secrets to Marissa Gomez.

Caesar is about to send Carlos on an unpalatable assignment that may backfire. Having told Carlos about the stolen bank documents which L.A hid in his new office, Carlos was determined, and opted for the dangerous alternative of breaking into the place in the night to retrieve the documents. I wonder why he did not opt to report the matter to the police. They would have caught L.A in his wickedness. Perhaps it was as usual, to prolong the telenovela.

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