Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy 5th Birthday- Telenovela-World

The Telenovela World Forum marks her 5th birthday anniversary today, 23rd June 2007. This website, coordinated and edited by Ben who is the webmaster (picture bottom left), has been a major entertainment resource for over 200 telenovelas in the last five years. It has also been a center and platform of romantic web entertainment and social networking amongst telenovela fans world wide.

We at Telenovela Love Garden salute the courage and commend the wisdom and energy of Ben and his team, for giving the world a great resource platform to enjoy the Latin soap operas.

The website on many occasions has been my resource base for many of my telenovela summaries and snippets with the exception of The Gardener's Daughter and Esmeralda. On several occasions many 'die-hard' fans of telenovelas come to that Forum to discuss and also post episodes (sometimes, complete episodes) of many telenovelas, which they have watched from their T.Vs at the forum, for the entertainment of other fans.

We appreciate the loyalty of the fans and the dedication of Ben and his team. It is great to have you as a rescue point for many of us who hungered and thirsted for the popular telenovelas.

I say on behalf of our friends and fans of the Telenovela Love Garden here: "Thank you and, Happy 5th Anniversary" Five Happy Telenovela Cheers to Ben and his dedicated team!!!!!

Hip, Hip, Hip, Hurahhhhh!!!!!


Ayo Banwo said...

Congrats! please when will u continue the Lorenzo's wife? its been over a month now. Thanks

Anonymous said...

happy celebrations please make us happy, post the current episodes of both catalina y sebastine and lorenzo's wife. we dying of suspence. ciao.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Kindly post the the catalina y sebastine on the web because we are dying to read the next snippets. if possible send the summary or whole of it and we will be elated. Kudos to your efforts.
Thomas Odoh

Anonymous said...

Phil, it's like you've gone to sleep

Martha said...

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Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Hey what's up??????? u are no longer posting snippets?????? after a long time of logging into this site, i did today and still at june 23rd???? let's know if u have packed up. your site use to be breakfast, lunch and dinner for me but now i hardly even want to blog in this site again. Nothing new. Let's know if there's a problem or something.
Meanwhile I will still commend you for the good job done so far.

Anonymous said...

honestly, we are tired of waiting for so long, knowing Nigeria you hardly get PHCN to give the power when needed, therefore we rely on your good self to give all gist, but lately you have changed, precisely after luisa fenada and carlos eduardo, please we are still very interested. can you post where i could get the dvd or vcd of this movies, i will appreciate not forgetting that you are putting so many readers on the edge. PLEASE WE ARE BEGGING AND AT THE SAME TIME WAITING.
love you.

Pulcheria said...

Hi Phil, when are u going to starting writing Rebbeca?
when are u going to continue the story of Lorenzo's wife

pls do

thank you

Pulcheria said...

Hi, what's up?

your site is boring these nothing new. old stuff always, may i know why?

Lorenzo's wife and Rebecca please.

Thanks for your effort any way