Sunday, July 08, 2007

Renewed & Refilled- Tripple 7 Dimension

It is a great mystery what happened to me in the last three months (April to June). Energy depleted, enthusiasm sipped away, I wandered in a mental quandary. I trudged on because of my love for all the fans of this telenovela blog. I knew my telenovela output was wanning, but I was seemingly powerless to reverse it.

Today is a unique and special day, we are a privileged generation. The 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year of this millennium is indeed a special day, as the New York Times recognized it. This day provided the answer to the much-sought revival for my telenovela journey, which was going down (in fact, I was operating at 20% of my normal telenovela output). I was re-fired, re-vitalized and re-invigorated. Now I shall move forward, having broken free from the telenovela stagnation that held me spellbound for the last quarter.

Thanks to all of you out there who would not give up. Many anonymous, many- my friends, Big sister Sharon Babs (I call her sweet mama), Omodesola, Bola, Afusat, Shirley, Olichin2002, Chams, Nnenna, Abbas, Newking, Aishat bt, 5Alive, and others too numerous to mention. let it be known by all who care that a fresh 7-7-7 anointing has lifted me out of that of the mental prison and I am free to do exploits now.

The Gardener's Daughter, though over-flogged, also re-emerged during my 'go-slow' season, on a local Television- LTV. All About Camila (Todo Sobre Camila), took off on another local station MBI T.V. Also the popular "SECOND CHANCE" (El Cuerpo del Deseo) is also about to kick off on Galaxy Television. Meanwhile, I am resuming Catalina y Sebastine. That is my priority debt to you and must be paid off.


Emmanuel Olofin said...

welcome back, Phil. I thought that like the ASUU you were on strike. Now it is clear what has happened. It is good you have come out the tunnel. As it is often stated: nothing good comes easy. Wishing more energy to your elbow!

Philomena Ojikutu said...

Thanks my dear Prof,

I also welcome you back from the debilitating strike by your Academic staff (ASUU) colleagues of yours.

I know that as an academic, there was no idle moments for you during the season,... plenty of consultancies and academic researches.

cheers sir.

Seun Osewa said...

I love your blog, and I'm surprised and happy to learn that you're an educator.

5Alive said...

Hi Phil. Welcome back At a time, i thot u had almost given up on ur passion bt thank God for the anointing u received.
Once again, welcome back.

Philomena Ojikutu said...

It's my pleasure, 5Alive and Seun.

I am pleased and happy to notice Seun for showing up on my blog here, despite his busy schedules.

For all who cares to know, SEUN OSEWA is a web celebrity and my inspiration. He is the owner webmaster of Nairaland Forum. His achievements inspired me to start a telenovela blog about a year ago.

One of these days, I would be bringing him live, to either guestblog or give an interview on our blog here.

Thank you seun, you are a forerunner in this successful web business. I salute your courage, wisdom and achievements!

Mary-Ann said...

Hi Phil,

Welcome back to telenovela love garden blog [lol]. Good to know your strength has been renewed. I almost got tired of blogging on this site but thank God you are back, stronger than before i believe. I know it's not easy to do what u are doing but please NEVER promise what u can't fulfil. We understand when u cant' post all the snippets at once. It's better not to promise and take it one at a time than promise and u never fulfil.
Welcome back again. U know we do appreciate u. Have a blessed week.


Philomena Ojikutu said...


how true this word of wisdom to never bite more than what I can chew.

I am happy to be back too and still find you faithful, expecting that one day I would learn my lessons and become a 'good girl' once again.

love you sister, for staying true and by me.

love ya.

Anonymous said...

Thank god for d fresh anointing and unction he has given to you. He will continue to invigorate to forge ahead. I salute your will, courage and boldness. God b;less u. Extend my warmest to your heartthrob and children. Have a pleasant week.

Anonymous said...

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