Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Need My Freedom!

"I am an old man worn down by years of infirmities, a man who has dedicated the rest of his life to his loved ones... can't you see that this is not my body? ... I am not Salvador Sorenzo, I am Pedro Jose Donoso from Rio Clara, ... I am an accomplished industrialist, not a peasant, ... I am not suffering from amnesia, my memory is with me always, you cannot help me... the only one who can help me is Me! let me go now..."

With these torrents of pathetic words, the misunderstood Pedro Jose Donoso filled his audience of Medical Specialists with both compassion and terror at the same time. Medical science failed to acknowledge things of the spirit. The doctors thought he was suffering from split personality disorder, the religious reverend father thought he was a demon possessing the body of another person, the single ladies thought he was a powerful seducer whose personality cast a romantic spell on them... to the people, he was the supernatural saint, sent by God to bless them.

From the cemetery where he escaped from being buried alive, ... to the police station presided over by an egocentric Sheriff, ... to the hospital with a dose of daily sedation to recover from his shocking mystery, ... to a sex-starved widow's house, to escape the prying eyes of investigative journalists, ... to the private quarters of the Catholic church, under the spiritual guidance of a religiously proud Reverend father, ... and finally back to the hospital as a medical specimen and guest of scientists and psychiatric specialists. The full circle of the adventures of Salvaped is complete.

He craved to return to where he had come from. He knew that the mystery that surrounded his metamorphosis would be unraveled there. For him, that would be his ultimate freedom. To appear to people whom he knows, ... but did not know that it was him, whom they have known before.


Anonymous said...

What a pity! I felt sad for Don Pedro. What a tragedy sleeping an old rich man being waited on and waking up a young poor smelly farmer without even clothes. Cant wait to see how he helps himself like he told the doctor.

Anonymous said...

i really feel sad for Don Pedro.cant wait to csee him go back home.concerning isabela,shes really a gold digger

Raymond Ogueliwu said...

Remember that Isabel is a woman and any proper Man is capable of pasuading any woman to behave strange especially when the lady is in love...I blame Don Pedro For marrying her at the first instance.

Raymond Ogueliwu (Nigeria)

Anonymous said...

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