Wednesday, September 26, 2007

If Only I Knew...

If you have a milk of compassion in you, you would be near to tears for Don Pedro Jose Donoso. He was like a man who woke up to find himself inside a strange prison, ... the prison of a new 33-year old body, and environment, different from the one he had been accustomed to for 70 years.

That deep mystery has caused an uproar in the serene township of Rio Clara(?). Everywhere he was taken to, he was revered and worshiped as a saint that resurrected from the dead. How could an unlettered poor peasant called Salvador Sorenzo wake up from the 'dead' and exhibit traits of excellence, which only the cultured rich industrialist could manifest?

Nobody believed him, at least, nobody believed he was Pedro Jose Donoso. Since nobody understood the mystery of his metamorphosis from Pedro to Salvador. Not even him understood the mystery that he represented. He fell down at the foot of the cross and cried unto God, saying: "... If only I knew what happened to me..., help me Lord to understand what happened to me... Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name..."

You may not wish this calamity to befall your worst enemy. To slump into slumber one night and woke up the next day in a different body and different village where everybody knew you as a different person from whom you used to be. He could not argue with them because, when he looked at his image in the mirror, it was a complete stranger he saw there.

Great is the mystery of SALVAPED (Pedro-turned-Salvador).


sophistique baby said...

pls, philomena, i would like to know if they used two people as Salvadore in second chance. Im somehow confused when I see Salvadore looking younger in some scenes.
Sophistique baby

Philomena Ojikutu said...

sophistique baby,

Actor Marrio Cimarro (a.k.a Salvador), is still the same person. Though, he looks bigger and muscular in this el cuerpo del deso (second chance) telenovela.

if he looked younger to you, it may be the works of make-up artist on screen.

Anonymous said...

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