Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Joined By Desire...

One of the most profound lessons that el-cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela sought to impart was that of, the haste and greed of a promising young man, called Adre Korona. His was greed hastened by impatience. He had it all with a rich industrialist who saw in him, the son he never had. If he had waited, he would have fully reaped the benefit of a true heir.

His first mistake was to be 'yoked-in-greed' with an equally ambitious lady called Isabel. His second mistake was to craftily smuggle his lover and criminal accomplice, Isabel, from the office to the marriage altar and bedroom of his rich benefactor, Don Pedro Jose Donoso. His third mistake was to hasten the death of Donoso with a deadly poison he gave to Isabel to administer in doses to the old man.
His fourth..., he genuinely fell in love with the daughter and only heiress of Donoso, Angela!

It is this last one, the fourth, that imperiled his greed and undermined his ambition because, it set his erstwhile lover, Isabel, against him, on a rivalry and warpath that eventually consumed Andre Korona.

In the absence of Isabel who traveled to Brussels for the burial of her mother, who died in a ghastly air crash, Adnre made two reconciliatory and romantic visits to Angela to express his true and fervent desire for her. Unfortunately, the second visit ended in a debacle, because Isabel arrived unannounced from Brussels and found (caught?) Andre in Angela's bedroom.

Desperate efforts by Andre to twist the incident was rebuffed by Isabel, who drew a fast conclusion that Andre was not in love with her, and was only manipulating her to achieve his bestial goals. She gave him a sharp piece of her mind saying: "... we are joined by desire and interest, and that could end any moment..., because you trample upon my feelings, manipulating me to get your satisfaction..." She dismissed him from her room until another right moment.

They were bound by treachery, deceit and conspiratorial murder. It would be interesting in future to see how these two romantic villains turn against each other using the same weapon of deceits, blackmails and greed to tear themselves to shreds.


Anonymous said...

hi phil,

how are you doing. may i again say thanks for the wonderful job you are doing.but you haven't been keeping us posted on a regular basis and it's disrupting the flow. i know you are a busy mum but could you please include your readers more often in your tight schedule?, we have grown accustomed to reading from you.

another is that i love the posting about the second chance. that is more like it for me rather than that sebastian and catalina. its so boring. please, try and give the second chance more prominence by posting it regularly.

thanks ever so much

Philomena Ojikutu said...

Anonymous, thanks 4 staying tuned to this telenovela station,

it is a matter of re-alignment. I would try to align our common interest together.

REMI said...

Hi Phil,
thanks for ur postings on second chance.I prefer it a million times to c & s.infact,i dont care if i miss c& s episodes,but i do for second chance.
Can u give us the full story.I'm so eager to know what happens to pedro(salvador),angela and simon.They are my favorites

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Anonymous said...

Great post! Maybe you could do a follow up to this topic?