Saturday, October 06, 2007

Blog Incomes and Ministerial Poverty

The parable of the "one-eyed man" is quite amusing to read in the papers, that during the glorious reign of Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, her fat emoluments ($240,000) were a source of envy and resentment among her cabinet peers, whose own salaries ($6,000), were 40 times lower than hers.

In the land of the blind, it is natural for even the one-eyed man to be treated with awe and deference. I chuckled to learn about the poverty of leadership in this part of the world. $6,000 is a 'pocket money' for many bloggers in the world.

Yes, it's funny that ministers of the Federal Republic scramble, struggle and complained over a 'royal' and 'privileged' basic pay of $6,000 per month, in a country where 95 per cent of the populace live on less than $200 per month!

These "one-eyed" and 'honorable' men and women are not satiated that they live 30 times far above the poor masses they claimed to be serving. The truth however is that our collective poverty has blinded even our leaders of the potential earnings of enterprising individuals in a globalized economy.

There is none that takes blogging as a profession in the blogosphere, that do not earn an average of $10,000 monthly income from their blogs. So, what is the hue and cry about their 'one-eyed' salaries $6,000! Is it not better for them to 'open' our 'blind eyes' so that, we can all see and make greater global standard of living incomes? Many would be grateful to have that 'one-eye miracle' as theirs, but many more amongst us would not be satisfied until our two eyes are fully opened, just like Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

In my little corner here, despite not being on full-time blogging, and also not yet on PayPal, like I mentioned in my tribute to Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala, I am quietly going to the bank with over a thousand Dollars every month from my blogging activities.

Would that our leaders, develop technological infrastructures, to uninterruptedly power the economy for broadband internet connection, so that we could compete at world-class level-playing fields for the global resources and income.

We can bring heaven down to Nigeria and Africa, that our people may live palatial lifestyles, flushing out the hellish poverty from the dark continent. Give us light and we shall see, give us understanding and we shall live above ignorance! Yes, give us electricity, and we shall electrocute ignorance from our land!

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