Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Negrete Vultures

That's what they are, that's what Luis, boyfriend of Alicia, opened our eyes to see, in the light of the unbelievable tragedy that this family carry about and deposits on any one they perched on. From Hawkish Adela to whimpering Gustavo, vanity boy Ricardo and, young opportunist Luisa. This is the family of vultures that angel Catalina found herself born in.

It so happened that Luis became annoyed with his friend Eduardo for instituting divorce proceedings against his wife, Silvia, and he voiced out his frustration. That was 'good news' to Adela and her son Ricardo, they launched out a plan to woo distraught Silvia. They concluded that she needs affection and Ricardo was the best candidate to do the job.

Luis was nauseated and rebuked them for attempting to profit from the misfortunes of Silvia. Adela insulted him for being vulgar. he 'washed' Adela with an acidic tongue, saying she had a long last name but lack the dignity of a class. He told her he knew her ignoble story and should not pretend before him that she was high society lady.

After mother and son left,Luis was shocked by the unbelievable cynicism displayed by them. He announced to Petra that: "... the Negrete vultures are flying all over Silvia and Eduardo, to devour the corpse of that failed relationship ..."

This same family set eyes on the Mendoza family and tore their flesh to shreds, they set eyes on nouveau rich Carmelo, and drove him to his death. They set eyes on Kiki and almost suck her dry through Luisa. They nurtured Catalina into a disastrous matrimony and, raised Ricardo as a seducing Monster.

Beware if you have family friends who manifest traits of the vulture in their relationship with you. Complete absence of love and calculating precision to dig out treasure from you always.

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