Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Pride of A Mendoza!

Actor Sergio Basanez is one great and sagacious fellow on screen. Unfortunately, every actor or actress is at the mercy of script writers. If the script is flawed, the best of your acting talents cannot save you from the angry and disappointed tongues of the fans.

The Catalina and Sebastian telenovela script has taken a popularity plunge in recent times due to fundamental flaws in the production. Sebastian was able to rekindle the fire of passion in me when he confronted Jessica, saying: "... the pride of a Mendoza would crumble to pieces, if Carmelo were found to be a true Mendoza son..."

That is precisely the heart of the trouble- PRIDE! Guadalupe Mendoza fell prey to his pride against poor Catalina. He was chasing shadows when the real enemy of his destiny is one boy he raised from childhood and promoted to be foreman on his ranch. That boy grew to become a desperate and unsecured man, and devoured unsuspecting but proud Lupe, at his weak moments. In righteous indignation though, Sebastian admitted to Jessica that Lupe was unfair to poor Carmelo, if truly he were his son.

The same vanity of arrogance made Sebastian fell prey to JessIKA, he despised his only true love, Catalina. He spited her with Emilia and later Jessica, he paid dearly for despising true love on the platter of Pride.

Watch it if you too are currently playing a game of pride with your true love. Encounters with true love are to be desired and not despised. To be pampered and not sand-papered.

That statement above was a powerful negative prophecy which came to pass for the Mendozas. They had to swallow their pride when the Will was read and 'poor' but crafty Carmelo crept out of his hole to be crowned the sole and universal heir of Guadalupe Mendoza.

Martina and Sebastian broke down and wept bitterly for the 'betrayal' of their father who 'gave' everything to Carmelo without a mention of their inheritance.

The big lesson here is that of patience and humility. Pride is a blinker, when it consumes you, you will go bonkers! Unbridled anger is the ladder of descent into the pit of folly wherein pride lieth.

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