Thursday, October 04, 2007

Call Me Lilly...

Of all the cast of El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance) telenovela, the most melodramatic is madam Lilly (Actress Alcira Gil, sitting extreme right) who played the role of a sex-starved widow. She became the fortunate woman who hosted 'Salvador', away from the prying eyes of roving journalists who came to cover the strange story of the man who resurrected from the dead.

That was an opportuned moment for her pent-up desire to burst at the emotional seams. She went haywire with lust and practically did almost everything from the books of lust to get Salvador to the bed, but Pedro Donoso, a man of high moral fortitude won't burge. She cried blue murder, and accused 'Salvador' of casting a strong love spell on her, so he was removed from her house to the church.

After Salvador parted with Cantalicia, it was this woman again that was his first point of call. He explained why he had to re-discover his destiny and his need for a token loan to buy ticket for the trip to Real Clara. She got angry and accused him of not loving her enough. She refused to give him any money, saying she cannot afford to let him go away from the region, much less from her life.

She screamed with ectasy and gyrated her little body, crying unto 'Salvador' saying: "PLEASE HUG ME,... KISS ME, ... LOVE ME, ... MAKE LOVE TO ME TONIGHT, I HAVE LONGED FOR AGES FOR A HUNK LIKE YOU, I CAN'T LET YOU GO"

Salvador tried unsuccessfully to calm her down. He left her and went his way into the long ardous and lonely jorney in the night... but madam Lilly won't let go... she ran aftyer him and caught up with him, asking him to call her by her first name Lilly. She knelt down, begged and hung unto him. She eventually succeeded in playing on his dire needd for money and lured him back to her house for the money he needed for his trip.

On getting there she brought her life savings which runs into hundreds of thousands of Dollars, but 'Salavador' told her it was very little money he needed for his trip. She threw the money carelesslky on the sofa and begged him to wait briefly for her... WHAT FOR? To undress or to change and follow him to Real Clara?

The temptation was so great for 'Salvador' at this point: to take the little he need for his trip and bolt or wait for her to come out and seduce him? Next episode would surely tell.

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Anonymous said...

Love that you have given us this story that we now can understand. I do get this story in my area, but it does not give english subtitles. Do wish that you would give us a continued format rather than the snippets. It takes forever for the pages to change, and I feel guilty for working your site so much changing pages so frequently, you add quite a few people doing that at the same time and it really overworks the site. I often get error pages because the site takes so long to change that google feels it needs to give me some explanation. Thanks for the listen.