Thursday, October 04, 2007

Like An Addiction...

Isabel has gotten her finger on her problem. Her problem is Andre Korona, her play-boy lover and criminal accomplice. She had discovered that his heart pants after another girl, and that is Angela, the only daughter of the man they both murdered.

She broke into tears after the act, but Korona was cold-blooded about the death of Pedro. She is having a re-think about possible marriage to Korona few months after the death of Pedro, she is looking for excuse to post-pone the marriage to Andre Korona. Possibly because, she feared that Korona may in likewise manner killed her in order to lay his hands on Angela.

When Valeria accused her of betraying Pedro, she confessed that it was because: "... Andre is like an addiction, ... I love him for the crazy things he made me to do". Now it is clear that he was like a drug or cigarette, which you know is injurious to your health, but has no power to stop smoking it. A terrible and deadly virus or a viper.

Time would tell if these couple would last.

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uju said...

hi phil,
it's quite obvious that Andre and ISABEL will not last. as bad as she is it's obvious isabel is not as cold blooded as Andre. it's just unfortunate thatt she's as greedy