Thursday, October 04, 2007

GoodBye, ... Cantalicia

Yersternight was an emotional moment between "Salvador" and his 'wife' Cantalicia. After he had successfully, with the wisdom of the acients, dislodged the warring neighboring peasants, who came to attack him and 'his' family, everybody got scared by the unusual knowledge of letters that he possessed.

To them this was a weird situation, even the old pesant warned his three sons to steer clear of him because, he said he knew him since he was a child in the village, and was certain the strange being is not Salvador Sorenzo, but a possessd being.

Cantalicia confessed to him that the reason why she too beat a retreat was because she was terrified of him. She went to Las Cruztas to report his strange manners to Father Giacomo, but that one assured her to be patient with him, and he turned down her request that they should come and take him to an assylum.

She accused him of offending her with the ugly things he said about her, saying she had begun to believe what the neighbours said about him being a weirdo. She locked him out and did not allow him to sleep the night inside their shack.

It was an emotional moment when he too admitted saying: "I don't know that man (meaning the original Salvador), but I assure you that we are different. Maybe your Salvador truly died on that day, and I replaced him. The father of that boy Mancho, the father of your son really died, and simply disappeared, as I too would soon disappear. I assure you that he still loves you, wherever he is now."

At that point, She drew near to him and wept profusely, begging him not to 'disappear'. He frankly, with emotion-laddened voice told her that he can't continue to live with her because, doing so was only making her life miserable, he said it was the best thing for everybody. He concluded by saying: "You and Manchito can't live with a stranger, ... now I know what I have to do, I must go. Goodbye..."

He left without looking back, on getting outside he embraced and kissed the sorrowful boy Mancho, and left forever! ... forever?

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Anonymous said...

This Part Cantalicia and Father Giacomo is both crazy.Why?

Cantalicia already knew that his husband is dead(Salvador Cerinza)she herself witness how Salvador died and be buried in the cemetery. But due To the reincarnation which the soul of Don Jose Pedro Donoso come back to the life with and used the body of Salvador Cerinza.Don Pedro/Salvador was alive.
But then the people still search for an answer how he is still alive many medical exam has been done but the medical health but can't explain the reason.
Cantalicia with Mancho talk to Salvdor/Don Pedro but cannnot recognize them.Salvador knows how to write,read,play some piano and speak other languages.Cantalicia was shock what she witness that this is not a Salvador what he met before who is Illiterate no read, no write and doesn't speak any languages,they just live a simple life doesnt care about the world sorrounds them.

Why would Cantalicia still interested and forcing his self to Salvador/don pedro to love her even though don't even recognize them.
One thing Cantalicia already accepted when his husband(salvador)has died before why can't she face the fact that salvador now is different