Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Cantalicia: A Cutural Clash!

She was called Cantalicia Muñetón (Actress Rosalinda Rodríguez), in el cuerpo del deseo (second chance) telenovela. The epitome of the rough and poor peasantry. She demanded to be given back her husband (Salvador), even though they told her he was insane, she said she would cope with him. And, truly she would have coped if Salvador was mad, because she herself was a streak of peasant lunacy.

Unfortunately the Salvador that was returned to her was an epistle of cultured, educated, sober and of high intellect. Not a mad man. This, she couldn't cope with, because his reasoning is far above her level of peasant comprehension. Yesterdanite, she came to the inevitable conclusion, telling her poor son, Mancho, saying: "... this is not your father, this is not my husband they have given me, he has become ha fussy, and whining old man... he thinks too much..., he baths too much and complained all day about every dirt in this house. He sees me as the pig in this house, in the past I used to force him to go and take his bath, now he talks funny... he is even lazy and a coward, he won't fight his worst enemy, he wont work on the farm".

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