Sunday, October 07, 2007

Flowers Seduce Women

The only skill he learnt was the art of irresistible seduction. Ricardo speedily concluded that to bring down the romantic armory of Silvia, he would have to send a bunch of natural fragrance, in form of very beautiful rose flowers to recuperating and distraught Silvia.

He told his mom with an air of confidence that "... flowers seduce women". He embarked on that 'love'-coated greed journey, and believe it, he had partial success in that adventure. The untimely death of Sivia did not give him enough time to fully demonstrate his capacity to woo her love.

Meanwhile, I watched with exasperation as the little opportunist, Luisa, began to work on Kiki's weakness. I prayed silently that God should deliver me from my own weakness. As immaculate and elegant as Kiki was, the "but" in her life was that, she was sterile and had no children. It was the height of shame to watch Kiki succumb and practically begged Luisa to call her "Mom"!

Kiki went shopping with Luisa to town, and bought every imaginable thing to spoil and please his new "daughter" Luisa. The little devil has rejected every admonition to depart from Kiki's house and not abuse her generosity. Luisa had a mind of her own, she snubbed Catalina, her sister, and said that since Ricardo is seducing Silvia, she too would "seduce-by-pretense" Kiki, to get money and pleasures out of her.

This is the disaster called children that Adela nurtured with lies and illusion for two decades. The same children that Gustavo surrendered with abandon, to his avaricious wife. May God deliver us from strange children and strange parents.


Emmanuel Olofin said...

Phil, your reference to a poor script is really the thing with C & S. For example, how can Louisa who feels disgusted by the manipulative disposition of her mother embark on the same track she despises? Also, brilliant as Sebastian is presented to be, why is it so impossible for him to read the happenings around him correctly? Is it the pride that blinds him to obvious evidence. How can he doubt a girl he "meets at home" after the celebrated relationship with Edwardo? There is so much inconsistence in the story - as if the writer is just forcing issues. We are now at a point where Sebastian is alleged to have been swapped. However, I am sure that Petra never swapped any babies in the same way as she did not kill baby Camelo as she was instructed to do, and Camelo is not the rancher's son, just the result of a careless swing of a rich, wayward girl who was in love with the boy friend/husband of her best friend - birds of the same feather!

Anonymous said...

hi phil
thanks a whole lot for doing a good job on the 2nd chance.
but i really dont know what is going on with catalina and sebastian.
i close very late from my office and i am not really chanced to watch the prog on tv and when i get to ur site i find out that its the same old story. as in episodes that have been done in the past. the map site for catalina & sebastian has the same old story up to episode 36. please is there another site for the full story please i av really missed a lot

say a big hellooo to ur husband

Anonymous said...

please can we get the full story of catalina and sebastian.