Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tessie Tells Novela Snippet 14

Her name is Tessie, from Kenya. Kenya is ahead of Nigeria in El Cuerpo del Deseo (second chance), by some 7 weeks. Tessie still visits our Telenovela Love Garden here to download happenings ahead for us. Tessie, we love you, thank you very much. I would love to have your picture posted on our love garden here, so our members could visualize who is helping us out there from Kenya. Pls, upload and send your most beatiful picture to me at:

I am hereby 'uploading' all the snippets of el cuerpo del deseo that Tessie has sent us. I would call this snippet 14, since I already have begun building the sitemap for the full story of El Cuerpo del Deseo telenovela at my new blog, check it out there. Meanwhile, Please enjoy her lucid naration:

"...I am not sure of the exact episode you are now in, but judging from the blogspot, Salvador has already left the town using Lily's money."

Salvador will reach his destination fine, I can't remember which of the two came first (it has been some time since I last saw this) but Salvador (Pedro), after some episodes, went back to the house he lived in as Pedro Jose Donoso (it was at night).

There he met the dog who reccognized him, and therefore didn't attack/bark at him. He went to Angela's room and stole the pair of keys and then went to the hidden passage that Rebecca and Walter have been trying to access for ages and opened and took some money, and left the rest of the money together with the jewelery back at the safe.

If i remember clearly, the money was to give to Geytana, as she had refused to see him previously when he had aproached her as she couldn't recognize him in his new body. So, he finally went to Geytana and told her that if she saw him, he would give her the money, which she needed desperately to pay her house rent. During the process she found out that he really was Pedro. (As she later told Lupe her house-help and friend, Salvador even had the same handwritting as he was when he was Pedro)

Gytana had been so scared, that she hid under the table saying she was repentant and actually confessed she had been cheating people with her 'spititual readings'. To make the long story short, Geytana agreed to help Salvador (Pedro), and Salvador/Pedro eventually went to live with her, he eventually in a few episodes later made her promise to do no more spiritualisim in the house, and therefore she decided to eventually open a bar.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks alot Tessy for this snippet. We will want more from you though.My great kudos also goes to the owner of the website. u r doing a wonderful job. Pls keep it up.