Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jewellery Thief Exposed: Snippet 25

Meanwhile while Antonio is searching for a book, he discovers newspaper of clippings in Mr. Donoso’s book of Walter in a police photo-shoot, where he is accused of being a jewellery thief, and is surprised but puts the photo back, but tells Simon. Also, Rebecca and Walter suspect Antonio and Simon of stealing the jewellery, Rebecca with Walter’s encouragement, plants Isabel’s bracelet in Antonio’s room.

Then pretends to Isabel that she was looking for her (Isabel’s) bracelet but couldn’t find it. Everyone searches the house and Rebecca and Walter look for the stolen Donoso jewellery, but they can’t find it in Antonio’s and Simon’s room, they however accuse Antonio and Simon of stealing Isabel’s bracelets, which Rebecca removes from Antonio’s drawer. Simon beats up Walter as he suspects he planted the bracelet.

When Salvador discovers what is going on, he goes to the study and removes the clippings of Walter’s mug-shot at the police station. He then locates Walter and threatens Walter to tell the truth, or he will show Isabel the newspaper police mug-shot of him, and painfully punches him some more (Salvador has a lot more strength, he even defeated some heavy weight trained people whom the landlord had brought to Geytana’s house/bar to frustrate by giving them beating them severely with the palm of his hand, compared to their fists, almost like Karate).

Antonio overhears and is more suspicious of Salvador and wonders how he knew. Walter feeling 100% embarrassed confess to Isabel and the whole household that he had planted the bracelet. Isabel and Angela want to kick him out, but just like Angela did with Salvador, Andre employees Walter as his personal employee!

Antonio becomes more suspicious and takes the book Salvador had bought for him on his birthday to a specialist in forgery to analyse Salvador’s handwriting, meanwhile Antonio gets jealous of Angela always going out with Salvador, which he breaks up with her. He however becomes more suspicious when Salvador suggests a certain colour for an outfit he chooses for his mother’s birthday, which he (Salvador)claims is his mothers favourite colour, as Pedro had bought a sweater with the exact same colour and she had said it was her favourite because of the colour...Abigail confirms this...and Antonio is over-suspicious.

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