Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Back in Las Crustas, the Priest, Father Giacomo, (the last time I had seen him was back in July, when he was telling Lily to repent) showed Cantalicia Salvador’s picture in a wedding in the all Cantalicia wanted to do was to go and find her Salvador, she insisted, and insisted and threatened to go to the city alone.

The Priest wished he had never shown Cantalicia that photo, but when she threatened to go alone, he promised that he would help her by calling his Uncle Philippe to accommodate her when she went out looking for her husband. So Cantalicia went with the bus to the ‘big city’.

Meanwhile, back in the Donoso house, Salvador overhears Valaria in the study admitting to Simon again that she is not ashamed to admit that she kind of fell in love with Don Pedro. (This is when he was collecting all the jewellery and money he had left on the floor, and the money in the safe and putting it in a big bag to re-locate all of it to a more accessible place) Simon continues to fall in love with Valeria....

Isabel continues loving Salvador more, and continues to look at Pedro’s pictures (Salvador reminded her of Pedro). Vicky one day tells Salvador that she keeps on seeing Walter and Vicky going to the basement as if looking for something, and Salvador suspects that the two are looking for the jewellery he had as Pedro, so he goes back to the safe and leaves the empty safe door open (except for a brown envelope) and leaves the doors of the basements open, so as to arouse Walters suspicions.

This works, as Walter goes to investigate where the doors the basement are both open, and almost has a ‘cardiac arrest’ because he is very surprised the safe is open and that it is empty! Walter suspects Rebecca, and even tries to awake her at night to question her, but fails to when he crosses paths with Andre. He however calls out Rebecca the following morning when she is speaking to Salvador.

Salvador suspects the reason and before anyone sees him, goes to the library to listen through the library wall. He smiles when he hears Walter and Rebecca keep on accusing each other, until they finally realise neither of them took the money..."

I have updated with the help of Tessie from Kenya, the site map for El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance), from Sinppet one to the end ...


Linnet said...

Am Lyn from Nairobi Kenya, i like the telenovela "elcuerpo" and have enjoyed it most, it is the best out of all the soaps i have watched before, congratulations to Rebecca, Salvador, Walter and Isabel....if u get the whole summary, please forward it to my

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. More interesting than any other telenovela.