Wednesday, October 17, 2007

El Cuerpo: Tessie Back with Snippet 18

Thanks again Tessie, but we still need your photos...: "Hi!! I know I had promised to update you on the episodes sooner, but I got caught up with my college class work and my job. The El-Cuerpo Del Deseo Summaries that I started writing on Saturday are the summaries of all the episodes that run through June to October-this week so I might occasionally miss some information as I can’t remember the episodes exactingly.

On Saturday I had left writing about Salvador planning his revenge and Andre vowing to get Salvador out of their (Isabel’s) life. As I had mentioned earlier, Salvador had claimed to the company (initially when he was trying to get a job, and to Rebecca) that he knew Isabel, and that he used to work for the company (which is true as he was Pedro), but when Andre tried looking for his name under all the Company human resource files he never saw Salvador’s name, so he called in the old guy who works in the Factory and likes talking to Simon, and also called Isabel, and put Salvador on the spot as a liar.

Of course Salvador saved himself and claimed to be a certain boy who used to used to work for the company many years ago. He even recounted a fire incident that happened back then, so everyone believed that Salvador actually worked at the company and Andre looked like a fool.

Walter was always on Salvador’s case...and was always against him and treating him like a ‘nobody’.. There was an episode Walter reprimanded Salvador because he was late. Salvador had enough and reminded him that he should not treat people in a low manner just to uplift himself, “Doesn’t he remember that there was a time he left the Donoso house for two whole days without even calling Mr. Pedro Donoso, and during that time Mr. Donoso had suffered something terrible, a major heart attack, and when he (Walter) came back and explained himself, Mr. Donoso forgave him?”. This scared Walter as he couldn’t understand how Salvador knew so much... (only he and Pedro had known).

Also before Salvador discovered about Isabel’s betrayal (or maybe he had, I can’t remember which), Walter had tampered with the car and had caused an accident between Salvador and Isabel, (he had intended it for Salvador and maybe Angela). Salvador and Isabel survived the accident, and Salvador even had the nerve to kiss Isabel. Salvador knew right away that it was Walter who had tampered with the brakes and threatened him.

Walter either before or after this incident had also intended to find out more information about Salvador and where he lives. So when Salvador found out, he planned a distraction tactic he called his new side kicks, Geytana, Lupe and Lupe’s boyfriend to trail him into a shop. It seams Salvador/Pedro knew Walter very well and knew he was a thief who (as Walter admitted much later in another episode that he ‘couldn’t resist shiny things’). So Lupe and Geytana raised an alarm and Walter was arrested for one or two days for trying to steal ‘shiny’ Gold jewellery, (or maybe he escaped,) as he was just shown coming back home a day later with his clothes dishevelled. He told Isabel that he was caught by a street gang/fight.

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