Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On The Verge of Nervous Breakdown!

el cuerpo del deseoSimon, Antonio and Angela are of one belief that the spirit of Pedro Donoso possesses the body of Salvador. They shared their past encounters with Salvador, which showed that he knew intimate details of their lives which was only known to the late Pedro. Abigail was too scared to admit this, so she dismissed their 'speculations' as childish nonsense. She warned them to respect the sweet memory of late Pedro.

Isabel returned back from her investigative trip to Las Crustas. She was too scared to face her odious past. Now she too believed from her trip that, Salvador was the re-incarnation of her late Husband Pedro Donoso, whom she murdered in conspiracy with her criminal lover, Andre Corona.

As she entered the bathroom to take a shower, Salvador welcomed her and asked if her 'business trip' was successful. She claimed it was more than successful. He too told her that he had been relaxing at home since her trip, and also received his friend, Gaetana who visited him at home.

Isabel reacted that Gaetana would give him spiritual counsel and ministration, just as she did to late Pedro. He smiled and went to kiss her in the bath, while they were in that passionate act, Isabel glanced at the mirror and alas! it was the body of the late Pedro Donoso she saw that was kissing her. She ran out of the bath and ran outside the room to the staircase full of fear and trembling. She said to herself that she was kissing a ghost.

Rebeca saw her on the staircase and asked her if she was worried, she replied that everything was fine. Rebeca wanted to know if her investigation confirmed to her that Salvador was married with a son by another woman. Isabel told her that the Salvador she married was a different one from the one Rebeca knew. Rebeca was confused of this parable by Isabel.

When Isabel overheard that Valeria was packing her luggage to leave the house, she stormed her room. She was mortally afraid, now like never before, she needed a supporter in Valeria and Rebeca because of the unknown fate that awaits her in the hands of Salvador/Pedro.

Because of her growing paranoia, Isabel sought the assistance of the family doctor to get consultation with a parapsychologist. By the time she bursts in on the doctor and related her fearful encounters with the ghost of Pedro, the doctor took her for an insane person, but she reacted violently saying she was not a mad person...


Anonymous said...

it's a very lovely episode

Philomena Ojikutu said...

thanks for the compliment, friend