Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Rage of A Murderess!

One of the directors caught Simon rummaging through the papers in Salvador's office. Simon showed the director the striking similarity between Salvador's handwriting and late Pedro Donoso's. The director mused, saying that perhaps Salvador was a son of the late Pedro which he had by another woman outside his marriage to Catalina, Angela's mother. When Salvador arrived, he saw that someone had tampered with the documents on his table. He smiled because he already suspected who was behind the tampering.

Isabel organized a mock party, in honor of her future business Partner. She used the excuse to invite the parapsychologist to the party. She introduced him as one of her future industrial investors. Later when the para began to probe Salvador, he suspected that something was fishy. Gaetana came to the party too, and warned Salvador that the man was not an industrialist or investor, but a parapsychologist, and that both Isabel and the man were trying to trap Salvador.

The next day, Isabel arranged for Salvador to follow her to the tomb of Pedro, while she laying down flowers, the parapsycho arrived at the cemetery and Salvador was angry. He confronted the two of them for playing games with him, because, he knew the para as not an industrialist as claimed by Isabel. He walked out on them and went home alone.

News got to Abigail that her husband is dead over 4 weeks ago and had been buried. She broke down and wept profusely. Salvador took Antonio round the factory, inducting him on how the factory works, as he would soon hand-over to him to represent Angela on the board. When the news of Antonio's father's death came, they all ran back to the house.

On getting there, Rebeca began to insult Antonio, saying he was a son of a vagabond, and a gold-digger. Salvador got angry and held Rebeca by the neck, he dragged her to the maids room, and reminded her that she was a miserable ingrate and worse than a gold-digger because that was the room she occupied when she first came to the house, and that she was no classy lady of high taste at the beginning.

She ran out to Isabel telling her she was fed up and could no longer put up with the series of humiliation by Salvador. She begged Isabel to give her sufficient money to travel and go far away to settle where no one would bother her again. When Isabel refused, she reminded Isabel to give the money she was planning to give to Valeria to her.

Rebeca made up her mind to retaliate the humiliation by exposing Salvador as a thief who stole the precious jewelery of the late Don Pedro Donoso where he kept it in the secret room.

Isabel exploded and drove crazily to Gaetana's bar. She demanded of Gaetana to tell her the truth about her secret relationship she had with Pedro Donoso in the study in those days. She even accused Gaetana of hiding the fact that Pedro Donoso rose from the dead and possessed the body of another man- SALVADOR! Gaetana was shocked at this startling discovery of Isabel.

Isabel broke down with sobs, saying Gaetana helped Pedro to achieve his aim of vengeance. Gaetana rebuffed her saying she did not have the power to resurrect the dead, and that she was just a simple practitioner of occult science. Isabel went wild and broke all plate and glass at the bar, saying it was a hideout for the practice of witchcraft which was used to ruin her life. She swore to destroy both Salvador and Gaetana.

Gaetana told her she was not surprised, because Isabel killed her two previous husbands. She accused her of poisoning the late Pedro Donoso! She also accused her of murdering Andre Corona in a stage-managed accident on a remote lake... calling her an ugly murderess... that was it! Isabel had no defense against that... she jumped on Gaetana and began to strangulate her, ...the crowd of drunkards and visitors at the bar began to howl and cheer them, as the two ladies fought their heart out.

Matilda and Lupe came to separate them and Isabel swore that they would all fail to get rid of her. She rushed out and drove away crazily. She is really going berserk.

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tweety said...

wow!, i wonder the expression on rebecca's face, isabel was so dumb trying to kill gayetaena and i wonder the look also on gayetaena's face