Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Last Laugh Is Still The Best

At Last, we telenovela fans made it to the last month of the year 2007! The popular adage that 'he who laughs last, laugh the best' is still true. Last month I came out with a statement that the God of the eleventh hour would appear in our situation. I believed it. ... and, so was it, it happened, many 11th hour testimonies burst forth in my telenovela blogging career.

This last month, God is going to give every one that believe, a laughter that would rumble through this December, and even spill over into 2008! No more sorrow, no more shame and reproach. Permit me to indulge a little from this 'telenovela pulpit'. This last month, is a month of returning for me, I don't know about you friends.

If you, like me, have gone on some prodigal journeys, it is time to return home. God is waiting for you. Just be honest enough to admit, just like me, that you miss many of the target you set for 2007, and went asunder off the mark. The Father would receive you, and surprisingly would celebrate your return with a great feast, to the envy of others. If you don't believe me, just wait for Christmas in 25 days time, then you will understand.

I promised you 20 telenovela stories in January, this year, but I could only finish some five and a half, due to riotous distractions! I have news for you, my father has forgiven me, would you too? God is giving us a telenovela Chocolate, (Dame Chocolate- "Give Me Chocolate Telenovela"), to celebrate our return.

This weekend, that is, today Saturday, tomorrow Sunday, and even on Monday, Tessie and I are already working round the clock, to bombard you with the final rounds of El cuerpo del deseo (Second Chance) Telenovela. So, be on the look out. If you don't want to miss any of the snippets, then, subscribe by email now, for regular updates, as we post them, so that you will not miss out of the outpouring of the telenovela rainfall, or is it el cuerpo del deseo rainfall?.

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