Monday, December 01, 2008

Episode 49 - Ugly Betty Vs The Stylist

He told her that she had always wanted more responsibility and that she could take care of things.

Betty hanged the phone, arms akimbo and proclaimed to herself and Christina, “I am the man”.

Wilhelmina and Marc got into a taxi. Wilhelmina, still in a bad mood told the taxi driver that she needed to get to JFK fast. And, when the driver didn’t start the Cab she yelled, let’s go! Marc explained he opted to spend thanksgiving at the office because his mum was trying to hook him up with a girl who plays organ at her church; that was why he came to the office to watch the parade from a safe place. (oops)
Wilhelmina didn’t reply a word as she stirred on with an angry look on her face. Marc pleaded, please say something. She said “You know the name of the hospital, you know the frequency of my calls”; you’ve stepped way over the line this time, Marc”, I don’t think I can protect you any more”. Marc, was frozen with fear as he asked, “protect me from who?”. “The person you were trying to call is not abused”.

Betty went to the stylist with confidence this time around and he told her he just received a photo of the baby and it was ugly (this guy is mean). He actually said it was hideous! That got to Betty and she lashed out at him. She told that he had a problem if he not could see any thing adorable and beautiful in baby than drowning them, then maybe he was not the right person for the job.
He retaliated by telling her that he’s been working with mode ever before she wore her first pumps and asked if she was firing him. She said if he couldn’t change his stand then there was nothing she could do. The ego-deflated stylist angrily took his stuff and left, not without telling her that she should look for something else who do designs for zoo to do the job.
As he was going out, he met Sofia (who had been watching the exchange and admiring the way Betty handled the stylist) by the door and asked her “Who is that woman?”. Sofia replied, “For today, she is the boss”.

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