Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Episode 62: The Reunion; The Tango

From now on, the battles for the love and soul of Carlos Eduardo would be fought with so much fervour and desperation between Jenny and L.F on every front. Jenny has promised our dear princess L.F, to fight with all that she has gotten. She promised to fight dirty! Talking about dirty warfare, I concede it to the cunning serpent called Jennifer de la Vega, she is a queen of evil schemes, she has an edge. The problem now would be the naivety of Carlos. He should stop fooling around with this snake. Since he is not a snake-charmer, it would be unreasonable to think that he would not be bitten by the poisonous, defeated and crawling foe called Jennifer.

I was so exceedingly joyful that L.F accepted the challenge to battle and stood up to the wiles of Jennifer. Jealous Jennifer came blowing hot the next day after the wedding to L.F's to draw the battle line. She excused Alfredo and told L.F. saying, "... little girl, we have to talk." She began by accusing her of going away with 'her boyfriend' at the party yesterday.... L.F shouted at her to "... stop right there! What story are you going to come up with this time, to keep me away from Carlos Eduardo?"

Jenny began with a litany of reminders that she had earlier told L.F about being the first, in Carlos life, long before L.F appeared, and about her relationship not just being an affair, she warned L.F that she should steer clear of Carlos because she was a school girl that cannot give what she- a 'real woman' is giving Carlos... L.F returned the salvo by adding a skipped reminder saying: "... I remember also, that you cried out your eyes out to me, lying about that fake pregnancy to keep me away from Carlos Eduardo... You must be a very insecure woman to come to my house, you came to threaten me? that's your weapon... That school girl is no longer a school girl and that little girl is grown up and wiser now. You can't change my love for him and you can't change what Carlos Eduardo feels for me. His heart does not belong to you!"

Jenny lost that round, so she changed her tactics, she began to taunt L.F and sow the seed of doubt, saying: "... I'm a real woman, I drive him crazy with what I give him, he is double-dating, he cheated on you once, he would do it again, you are just a fling in his love life, it's a ding-dong affair, yesterday at the party, it was your turn, tomorrow it would be my turn, I would have him running back to me in the palm of my hands..." L.F assured her that she would fight for her happiness, and Jenny should forget about separating her from Carlos again. She walked her out of her house.

Even The Moon Is Happy
Before this tango in the morning, L.F was brought home by Carlos after the reunion. She confirmed to him that she dreamt that they would get back together and Jenny came to interrupt the reunion. Carlos was angry and told her not to bring up the subject of Jenny in their discussion again. They looked at the sky, the stars and said that even the moon was happy to see them together again, and had come out to spy on them and celebrate their re-union. As they engaged in endless kisses under the open sky, with the galaxy as witnesses, Alfredo returned and also spied on them too, he was depressed and saddened by what he witnessed. Lupe cannot but noticed this when he came in, but he denied it saying that it must have been the hang-over of his depressed patients at the mental hospital.

Before they depart, the two lovers made two vows: Never to hide any secrets between them again; and, never to distrust each other again. Would the array of haters and liars who surround them as 'friends and neighbours' permit these vows to stand the test of time and love? The next series of episodes of la hija del jardinero would tell.

Splitting Image, Splitting Conscience
Carol would not allow Armando to rest, she wanted him to immediately phone his mother, Elvira Perreira, to tell him the name of his father so he can match it if it is same with L.A's. He would not oblige however, because, his mom had always changed the subject anytime in the past when he ask about his paternity, she had alway felt jilted and asked him to forget about his father. He is not sure whether his mom would cooperate to give him info about his father now.

L.A was troubled and tortured by the possibility of Armando Perreira. He wondered how the resemblance between him and the boy was so incredible. He enlisted Alicia, his secretary to get a new detective to investigate Armando. He doesn't want Solozano to handle the job. Consuela overheard him and told him to face his responsibility for fathering Armando because she was sure that the boy must be his son from another woman he impregnated and abandoned like he did with Amelia. He asked her to keep her speculations to herself. Heriberto came to call Consuelo's attention to Detective Medina who has come for his promised reward for burying the case of stolen 200,000 Dollars from the Safe.

Consuela, with a tinge of dictatorship decreed that Medina's reward would be appointment as Security Adviser with an office in the Steel company. She hoped that with the presence of Medina, no more case of theft would be reported at the Company. Medina was happy with the reward and asked them to prepare legal papers to formalize his appointment. L.A immediately asked Medina to his office for a private talk. He told him to get cracking after Armando Perreira, that he wants to know his background and parents.

Alfredo, fighting a loser's battle for L.F's love came into her early the next morning with a beautiful rose flower for L.F. He wondered why Jenny rushed out of her house spitting fire like a dragon. She told him that it was because of Carlos Eduardo. She confirmed what he already knew that they are now reconciled. He tried to poison her mind that how can she re-unite with a man whom she had said she would never trust, She explained to him that it is a risk she was prepared to take for love, saying "... My happiness is Carlos Eduardo!". She reminded him that she had never hidden her love for Carlos Eduardo and since both of them cannot continue to suffer while being separated, when their mutual happiness lies in being together.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Our little LF has come of age. The battle line is drawn between LF and Jennifer. I do hope LF will survive. As for Pedro, I can't help but comment. He's pathetic. His suppos├ęd secrets will drive him further down depression lane if he doesn't watch out. Admitted, he doesn't want to lose his daughter to the evil LA, however, I think his opposition to Carlos Eduardo/Luisa Fernanda liaison stems more from the fact that he thinks that CE is LA's son and therefore LF's sister hence they will be committing incest and, not necessarily because he thinks that CE cheated on his daughter. If he continues this way, he'll end up for good in an assylum. I am not averse to that idea because he sickens me!!!!