Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Snippets 69

Jenny began to help L.A by lying to Marissa that the man is suffering for his deep love for her. She advised Marissa to forgive him and bring him back to live with her particularly now that she is sick and Carlos does not have time to be always with her because of running after L.F. Marissa agreed and invited L.A to return to live with her.

Vanessa agreed to take her 'pound of flesh' from L.F by following Consuelo's advise to incriminate and lie against L.F. Now, she is the best of friends with her step mother, Consuelo. Their plan was to sell the Jwelleries of Heriberto's late wife and accuse L.F of stealing the proceeds of the sale of the jwellery at the Alcantara's house.

Pedro banned L.F from visiting him again at the mental hospital because of her reunion with Carlos Eduardo. She was very sad because of this negative decision of Pedro. Don Fernando spoke to L.A and told him to change his attitude towards L.F.

Consuela suspects that Rigo has proofs of the fact that Luicito was Amelia's daughter. She began to plan to also outwit Rigo. Carlos was surprised when he saw Jenny in the company of L.A when both of them were planning on how to incriminate L.F. Carlos and Ordonez too began to plan how to thwart the restoration of L.A's marriage to Marissa.

When L.F discovered that Pedro had another round of Schizophrenic attack, she went to marissa to help talk himout of his depression. Vanessa told her best friend Lucero that She has a grand plan to incriminate L.F.

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