Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Snippets 68

Vanessa began to give Consuela's suggestion of vengeance against L.F a serious consideration. L.A and jenny perfects their plan to incriminate L.F and they voed to make it secret. jenny said that if the plan fails she is ready to kill L.F in oeder to have C.E to himself.

After, L.F left Marissa's house, Marissa called Carlos Eduardo to tell him that she did not approve of his relationship with the gardener's daughter. She insisted that Carlos must marry a lady of his own class and not a poor class. She also warned him to stop fighting Alfredo, because it is true that Pedro still hates him, and that Alfredo was not the one manipulating Pedro, Pedro had his own reasons for hating Carlos. Later when L.F saw Carlos, she was worried by the reserved attitude of Marissa, so, she asked Carlos what the impression of his mother was of her. Carlos lied to her that Marissa was happy with her.

Ordo'├▒ez was troubled by the danger of Marissa falling for the charm of the con man, L.A again, so he contacted Don to intervene by convincing Marissa that L.A is bad relationship for her and therefore she should not stop the divorce suit. Carlos warned Alfredo to stop following or visiting L.F and leave them alone. Meanwhile, jenny went to incite Alfredo to claim and fight for his love for L.F.

Armando came to tell carol that he now has a job as special assistant to L.A. Joaquina also confirmed the truth of the fact that Pedro was not L.F's father, but L.F said she is not interested in who her real father was. She said she would always be grateful to Pedro and would still see him as her father. L.A went to Marissa to lie about L.F that she was a thief and would soon be sent to jail and that would be bad image for her if the girlfriend of her son is seen a thief. Marissa asked him again if he still had any affair going on with Andreina and he said not any more.

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