Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Snippets 70

L.F got the shock of her life when she went to Marissa to convince her to talk to Pedro. Marissa dismissed and disgraced her, accusing her of all the false allegations of theft that L.A and Jenny had accused her of. Marissa did not allow her to even defend herself, she sent her out of her house. L.F was so ashamed and embarrassed, as she was leaving, she saw Jennifer smiling because she was humiliated by Marissa. L.F told Nana Rosario not to tell the Carlos what happened because she feared that Carlos may fight his mom because of the incident. When Carlos came, Rosario was the first to tell him how Marissa and jenny humiliated L.F. When she got home, she told the story of how Marissa disgraced her in her house to Sister Smiley.

Jenny suggested to Marissa to come for physical exercise at the gym and also for swimming to improve her health. L.A encouraged her to go and he also followed her to the swimming pool.

Lucero was shocked by the evil plans of Vanessa and Consuela to incriminate L.F and she withdrew, saying she would not be part of the wicked plans. vanessa reported back to Consuela that Lucero won't cooperate in the vendetta.

Carlos went to L.F and told her to follow him to the gym where Marissa had gone for swimming lessons to confront both Jenny and Marissa and tell them not to interfere or manipulate their love life again. L.F refused saying she had had enough trouble from his mom and Jenny. So they went instead to the nearby park (forest?), to play.

Andreina was so upset by the decision of L.A to reconcile and pack in with Marissa, but he assured her that he is doing it as a final sacrifice, because he would engineer death for Marissa by doing so that he can inherit her wealth and come back to marry Andreina. she was afraid of this evil plan and confession. so, she planned to travel out of Mexico before the 'accident' so that when it happens she would not be held as an accomplice to murder.

Pedro pleaded with Alfredo to discharge him, so that he can go home to celebrate his forthcoming birthday. In the course of their discussion, Suzanna, Pedro secret lover of 10 years, arrived to visit him. When she told him how much she had missed him and still loves him, Pedro was embarrassed and told her to leave the hospital and go.

Lupe found out that Alfredo was trobled by the fact that L.F did not love him. She advised him to forget about L.F

Consuela and Heriberto plan their intrigues against L.F, so they told Rigo to go on a off-day to visit her family in Monterrey and come back the next day. They didn't want her to be around when they would accuse L.F of theft and arrest her. they don't want her to be a witness of the so-called 'theft'. They convinced Don to grant her the off-day and also go with her on the trip, telling him that a change of environment is good for his recovery. He agreed with them.

At the pool while Marissa was swimming, L.A. arrived and suddenly Marissa developed a cramp and was drowning shouting for help. L.A watches on with a smile and refused to rescue her.

Consuela and Vanessa went on with their evil plans as soon as Rigo left for her one-day off. Consuela called in the police and reported to them the theft of money and valuable properties by L.F whom she described as the house maid and suspected to be at large. Meanwhile, Nicholas was surprised to find a lot of jewelleries on campus, the same jewelery that Vanessa and Consuela claimed to have been stolen by L.F.

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