Friday, November 17, 2006

Episode 59: With A 'Friend' Like You...

The popular adage that "When Cunning man dies, Cunning woman buries him" seem to have failed in this telenovela. Luis Alejandro has refused to die, and has denied the wicked queen of this soap opera, Consuela, the opportunity of conducting funeral rites for him. Wait a minute, that task may fall on Lic Ordonez, the attorney of Marisa who is currently and privily conducting an espionage into the generational crimes of both Consuela and Luis Alejandro.

An agitated Consuela had called L.A to an emergency meeting to intimate him of what Solozano just told her on phone, that a man named Ordonez is on her trail. L.A. confirmed to her that Ordonez was a legal employee of Marissa and that he broke into his office few days ago and stole the confidential file containing information on Amelia and the old version of the original Will of Don Fernando.

Consuela was furious that L.A has not destroyed the old version since she had made the old man to sign a new fictitious one under his current amnesia. L.A. laughed, and said that he did not destroy it as a precaution against possible future 'somersault' by Consuelo, saying: "... with a friend like you, one needs to constantly watch his back". Consuela swore to do everything possible to GET RID OF LIC ORDONEZ!

This means that Lic Ordonez holds the aces now. I just pray that he knows the value of what he is holding and have dabbled into, so that he would not be careless to lose or return it to these villains.

Don Fernando wept for a long time on Luicito's neck. When he recovered his composure, L.F told him that she wished she was his grand daughter, the old man looked at her, and with emotion in his voice, he too said earnestly that he would be happy to have her as his grand daughter! At that point Consuela entered the study and saw them embracing each other. She became fearful and jealous, and started scolding L.F for not having given the drug to him since she left home till now. The old man looked up and scolded Consuela back, saying it was him who refused the drugs, because it always made him drowsy, and not the fault of 'Luicito'. Consuela made him to take the drug and immediately he went into slumber. Consuela led him to his bedroom to sleep.

Vanessa, once again met L.F on the stairs, and as usual, was about spurning her again, but L.F forced her to a chat, saying: "... we can't be fighting for the rest of our lives". Vanny replied and insisted that the fight was triggered by L.F's betrayal of their friendship. She bared her pain of how bad she was hurting too, anytime she snubs L.F. Consuela came downstairs and was uncomfortable by the closeness and reunion of Vanessa and L.F. So, she quickly dispatched L.F to go home, since Don Fernando was sleeping and won't be waking up soon. Her purpose was, of course, to prevent any close association between L.F and anybody in the Don Fernando household.

Only The TRUTH Would Heal Pedro
Meanwhile Rigoberto, having privily collected the address of the mental hospital where Pedro was shackled, from L.F, proceeded to visit him without anybody's knowledge. Pedro was happy with her visit and begged Alfredo to give them privacy to discuss family matters. All the misconception of Pedro were cleared by this old former colleague of Pedro. She told him that Amelia never ran away to meet L.A as presumed by Pedro. She also told him that Don had long forgiven Amelia, and that it was Don who ironically hired L.A. to search for her.

Pedro also confirmed how Amelia died in an accident. He was even surprised that Consuela did not tell them at home. He told her how he came home to break the news to Don but met Consuela. He revealed to her that Consuela even came for the interment. Rigo now told him that much as Don would have loved to know this details, it was not possible to tell him because he has heart problems; any sorrowful news of Amelia's death may cause him heart attack. She was however amused by the irony of destiny that neither L.F nor Don knew each other as granddaughter or grandfather. She said that, even though L.A now works as Legal Adviser to Don, he too did not recognize L.F as his daughter.

At that point, Pedro was miserably relieved and said that was a big burden lifted off his heart. To keep his obsession with falsehood intact, he begged Rigo to swear to him by her life that she would never reveal to L.F that he was not her true biological father. Rigo 'played' along and agreed with him. This Pedro is a pitiable and miserable fellow. Like I always say, his mental illness was not due to depression suffered as a result of Amelia's death, his situation was provoked and remained serviced by his obsession to live with falsehood and hide that falsehood from everyone, including Luisa Fernanda. Unless he embraced the truth, he may never recover from his depressed state of mental anguish.

By the time L.F arrived at the mental hospital, she was told that an old lady friend of Pedro had come to greet him. So she hurried to Pedro's bed with Alfredo and asked Pedro about the old lady, but Pedro asked her not to worry as she wouldn't know the lady. He said the lady was an old friend who helped him with his business in the past. How long would this manipulative lies lasts? For me and for many 'gardeners', Pedro and Luisa Fernanda have fallen into their season of unpopularity; with their attitudes. These two used to be our favorites, Now Pedro hurts himself with obsessive lies and cover-ups, Luisa Fernanda hurts herself with obstinate pride and unbelievable spirit of unforgiveness, while she sought the forgiveness of others like Vanessa.

God-Forsaken Pills & God-Forsaken Daughter!
Rigo was, as usual, eavesdropping on Consuela and L.A when suddenly she heard and anguished cry of Don calling her name- Rigoooobertaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! She jumped up in panic and rushed to Don's room only to find him sprawled on the floor where he had crashed on his way to his bathroom. She called for Carlos and and the household, including L.A to the rescue. After reviving Don, and was asked what caused his fall. He furiously pointed to the drug that Consuela has been secretly administering on him for months now. saying, it was that god-forsaken drug that made him dizzy as always, on his way to the bathroom, he lost his balance and fell because of its drowsy consequence.

After checking that there was no fracture, Carlos wanted to prescribe a sedative for him, but he protested vehemently, saying that he has had enough of sleeping tablets. At that point Carlos requested to see the pills. Consuela jumped up to pick, but Don beat her to it and he handed it over to Carlos. Consuela was fretful and nervous that her sedative tricks may be discovered and exposed. L.A. looked at her with a knowing eye, surely he knows she was behind that mischief. Carlos an ointment to rub the injury of Don. As Consuela made moves to collect the new prescription, Vanessa snatched it from Carlos. Its like everybody now suspect and doubt the pharmaceutical competence of Consuela. Carlos promised to take the "Consuelopills" to the medical laboratory for analysis.

Jenny managed to get Carlos to a restaurant in town for a 'friendly' lunch, as they were sipping their wine, Alfredo came in with L.F for lunch too. L.F was mad with jealousy, she began to tell Alfredo that Carlos was a professional liar, and that the same man was always sad, begging for clemency from her, but now he was very happy and playful with Jennifer, the woman whom he(Carlos) had sworn to her that, he had nothing to do with. The lunch was a ruin for L.F, as she never concentrate to enjoy her meal, but was always spying and looking back, every five minutes at Carlos table at the restaurant.

Jennifer was enjoying herself, because she knew she was driving the wedge further between Carlos and L.F. but her joy was cut short, when he was called for an emergency to rescue a Don who had earlier fallen down by his bathroom at home.


eneless said...

thanx for the update, plse send me episode 60-70.

Anonymous said...

I had guests so couldn't concentrate much to watch last night's episode but I relished the part where LF bumped into Carlos Eduardo & Jennifer at the restaurant. It was obvious that LF was jealous. I want her to be. In fact, I want her to die from it. I want Carlos Eduardo to ignore her completely for a while, but I know he wouldn't because he's a fool. I was a fan of LF before but now I am not too sure. My favorite character is Rigoberta but she can also be foolish attimes. My other favorite character is Mr. Fernando - the comic side of him. As for Marissa, she's the biggest fool of them all.

Philomena Ojikutu said...


Welcome to our garden and thanks for making this our garden to become more of a social interaction blog. We cherish your contributions since yesterday. Thanks to you and Philip, our most vociferous and leading commentator on the gardener's daughter Blog.

Keep gardening...

Anonymous said...

Love is a matter of theheart and true love never hide itself. LF is very much right in what she is doing.Lf met carlos as an innocent girl and having in mind to be protected by carlos only to be betrayed .but then she is acting as a school girl who has no knowledge of what love is all about except mere feelings.
frankly speaking carlos should follow his heart and win his love back.Both are meant for each other.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Phil. It feels great to be part of this blog. Only problem is that sometimes I forget I am watching a soap and that my frustrations should be directed at the writer.
You're doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

ewell,well thanx for the update, i would really appriciate if you could send me the episodes i have not watched, from 60-100. u really doing a great jobs thanx.


florence said...

Someone once said in this blog that birds of thesame feather flogs together i think that is the case of marisa and her cunning friend jenny. you ask why or how; cos their life style is same. Both old mama in love with fresh bloods and of course blinded by their lust called love. i saw all that jenny was trying to do yesternight, well i hope she has a shock absorber for what is about to happen to her. Florence regards to cherish

Philomena Ojikutu said...

flo, that's absolutely correct observation. But many gardeners have a soft spot for Marissa. Could it be that it was becaused she was deceived by L.A and her "closest confidant" Jennifer de la Cunning?

Philomena Ojikutu said...

There is actually nothing wrong in falling in love with a younger person, but it has to be mutual. Love is a two-way game.

Marissa was blinded by lust, therefore was vulnerable to a con-lover called Alejandro. She also deceived L.A. when she refused to disclose to him before their marriage that she had no womb. What a life imprisonment for a young man.

Jennifer fell in love with a boy who was just a few years older than her first son, what more, the boy did not even pretend to be in love with her. Jenny's case is an OBSESSION!!! Not just LUST!

Anonymous said...

Luisa Fernanda and still loves Carlos, but she is confused,just like Vmobile.if she keeps on forming for Carlos,she might loose him,and i think Carlos is the right one for her