Friday, November 17, 2006

Episode 60: The Dream Battle.

Friday's episode started with a dream by L.F. In the dream, Carlos brought musicians in the night to L.F's door singing love songs about how it is impossible for him to live without L.F's love. She came out and admired the songs and eventually came to embrace and kiss him. He asked to be forgiven by her and she forgave him, ... suddenly, still in the dream, Jennifer appeared and snatched him from her and was taking him away... then she woke up from her dream. She was troubled by this dream but the dream brought her to the reality of her need to reconcile with and forgive Carlos.

Ordonez, a very intelligent and retrospective lawyer has begun to add 2 plus 2 together to get 4. He called Lupe to tell him the truth. He deduced Luisa Fernanda's name from two people most dear to Amelia: 1:- Her teenage boyfriend (LUIS Alejandro) and 2:- her father (Don FERNANDO Alcantara) The LUISA was from LUIS and the FERNANDA from FERNANDO. So he asked Lupe to tell him the truth. Lupe was disarmed by that brilliance, she admitted that L.A was the teenage lover of Amelia, and also the biological father of L.F. Ordonez said a leopard never changes its spots, so L.A did not accept responsibility for the pregnancy of Amelia.

He further expressed his pain in the fact that both Amelia and Pedro cheated and deceived L.F
by not telling her who her real father is when she came of age. Lupe disagreed, saying they protected her and it was not deception. She said that Amelia swore to Pedro before her death that she would never let L.F know that Pedro was not her real father, and that Amelia's memory could only be respected if Ordonez let it be so. Ordonez was not convinced by this conspiratorial secrecy, he vowed to help L.F recover what is her legitimate heritage.

L.A went to Ordonez office to warn him to return the confidential documents which he (Ordonez) 'stole' from his office. Ordonez denied taking anything from the office. L.A warned him that the fact that he had a little misunderstanding with his wife, Marissa does not mean Ordonez should begin to insult him. He assured him that at the tap of his fingers, Matissa would soon come running back into his arms, he promised Ordonez that he would destroy him at the slightest opportunity.

Consuela, solicited the help of L.A to recover the pills that Carlos wanted to test. L.A confirmed to her that he still had the keys to the whole mansion, and since everybody would have gone to church, this is the best time to go there and recover the pills from Carlos room. He boasted that he was not a friend of servants, so he can't go to the wedding of servants of Marissa.

L.A the con man arraged Andreina for Deputy Contreras, when Andreina escaped from the amorous clutches of Contreras with a hot and dirty slap she came back to the apartment to pour her anger on L.A for leaving her alone ... "with that animal" L.A feign ignorance and assured her that he would question the Deputy at the next time he sees him.

Vanessa excitedly told Lucero that her fortune might be changing because Carlos Eduardo does not want to hear anything that has to do with L.F, so she thought that would this might prepare the ground for Carlos to fall in love with her. She got information from Armando that two servants in Carlos house are wedding, that was a good opportunity, she thought to herself to ensnare Carlos with her love again. she made up her mind to go to the wedding without being invited.

Jenny has well-positioned herself for a romantic encounter with Carlos, using the platform of the Caesar-Clarita wedding. She had invited Ricardo, her Adevertising agency photographer to come and cover the wedding. The magistrate that would officiate at the registry had arrived at the mansion and all close relatives were present to witness the registry wedding. Lupe embraced Clarita, her new daughter-in-law for the first time after the registry. Don has gone bonkers, he didn't remember that he told L.F about his missing daughter and grand daughter. When she asked him again about it he went wild, saying that Consuelo was his only daughter, at that poit Consuelo came in and told L.F to go for the wedding she had come to take permission for and leave her father alone.

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