Friday, November 17, 2006

Snippets 67

After Don left, Marissa was not happy that Don took side with L.F and she told Carlos so, she said that Don's words were so harsh on Jennifer. Meanwhile, Don was comforting L.F telling her to ignore L.A and Jenny for being so antagonistic to her love for Carlos.

At last, Joaquina, along with Alfredo knew that both L.E and Pedro were deceiving each other. Now they know that L.F knew that Pedro was not her father. Alfredo further revealed to Joaquina that L.F told him that Amelia confessed to L.F just before the tragic accident that killed her that Pedro was not her father.

Just before Rigoberto left L.A's office, she told L.A to stop being harsh with L.F because L.F could be the age-mate of his daughter by Amelia. She warned him that if he should continue to be harsh towards L.F, she would reveal the whole truth to Don Fernando.

Carlos managed to convince L.F to pay personal visit to Marissa because her image has been severely battered by Jennifer there. She agreed and visited Marissa the next day with a gift of the image of Saint Judah, consoling her that she should have faith. Carlos used the opportunity for the first time to reveal to L.F that L.A was never his father but a step-father. He also told her why he and L.A never agree but always quarrelling because the man is the real gold digger.

Armando visited L.A to ask him if he was his father, L.A was afraid of responsibility and complications with Marissa, so he denied Armando the truth of his paternity. He told him to forget about searching for his father and face his future. He offered him a job to be his personal assistance.

Don Fernando complained against the aggression of L.A and Consuelo against L.F. and he said he would fight any of them if they continue to be hostile to L.F. He also told Rigo and Consuelo that he suspect that Marissa was not happy with L.F and Carlos love relationship.

Marissa confessed to Rosario that she was still in love with L.A and was no longer ready to consummate a divorce again. She also called Ordonez and Carlos and told them to stop the divorce proceedings against L.A. She also told them to prepare papers for her to sign so that carlos can take over in her absence, whe she goes for treatment of her diesease.

Don Fernando gave a huge sum of money to L.F, as he had promised Carlos. L.F was so excited and appreciated the money. Don invited L.A and warned him never to insult L.F again.

Jenny tormented Andreina with the fact that she saw L.A in Marissa's bedroom. Andreina was very jealous with the news.

Jenny colluded with L.A planning to trap her with a flimsy offence of financial corruption so that she could be jailed, while she can have her way with Carlos.


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