Friday, November 17, 2006

Snippets 66: Armando Not Son of Jennifer!

Don Fernando overheard when Consuela was sacking L.F and he protested, saying that all the allegations against her were false. He angrily reinstated her to her back to her job and asked her to lead him right away to visit Marissa whom Carlos Eduardo told him that she was sick at home. On getting to Marisa's house they met Jennifer who was very rude to her, and insulted her. Jenny went to Alert L.A who came out and threaten to throw L.F out of the house. Carlos Eduardo came to her rescue and said the one who should be thrown out of the house is L.A and not his girlfriend Luisa Fernanda. Carlos went to tell Marissa to end L.A out of her room but Marissa said No, because, as a result of her illness, she was not sure if she was ready to continue with the divorce. She demanded that L.A. stop his infidelity with Andreina and she would consider stopping the divorce suit.

Don was so happy seeing Marissa, he also thanked Marisa for helping his steel company with a loan through her Metropolitan Bank, due to the cash crunch induced by the stolen 200,000 Dollars. While there, Carlos Eduardo pleaded with Don to give money to L.F to take care of Pedro and her education, since she doesnt want to take any money from him. Don agreed to give money to L.F for treatment of Pedro.

As Ordonez prepares the legal papers for the loan to Don's steel company, he discovered that Luis Alejandro is the Legal Adviser of the Steel Company. He told Lupe about it and the fact that L.A is acting in collusion with Consuela to defraud L.F of her inheritance. Ordonez told Lupe that he would call Don Fernando's attention to these frauds. Rosario, Caesar and Clarita were worried by the illness of their boss, Carlos explained the nature of the Marissa's sickness to them.

Joaquina indicted Pedro for lying about not knowing his parents. Pedro begged her to find a way to discharge him from the mental hospital. He blamed L.F for his incarceration in the mental home, he also blamed his late wife, Amelia for his misfortunes in life. Sister Joaquina disagreed with him, saying he Pedro was the architect of his own misfortunes in life.

While Jenny continued in her evil schemes to paint L.F black, Don Fernando told her the truth that True love cannot be achieved or overthrown by schemes of men. That, she should accept defeat and leave Carlos and L.F alone to go on with their true love. Jenny was furious and walked out on Don because of the truth.

Armando was no longer sure if he wanted to know his true paternity, Carol had to urge him on to go to L.A's office to talk things over with him.

Rigoberto went to the steel company to seek L.A's legal intervention for the release of her late cousin's pension and gratuity. L.A was not in the office, so she waited for his arrival. She also met Detective Medina and Consuela at the reception. he attended to Rigo's requests and was amazed with the findings of Detective Medina. Medina found out that Armando was the son of Elvira Pereira from Vera Cruz! L.A was stunned by this discovery because, Elvira Pereira was his former mistress of old!

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