Sunday, December 31, 2006

Esmeralda 29: Don't Give Up The Wedding Night

José Armando marshalled all his charm to convince Esmeralda not to play along with the divisive scheme of his mother, Blanca. He told her that none of them could live without the other.

Crisanta too scolded Blanca for planning to separate Armando and Esmeralda.

Fátima watches with grieve as Armando went on with determined preparation and excitement for his wedding to Esmeralda.

Esmeralda agreed and proceeded the next day to the marriage registry, in the village to tie the nuptial cords with José Armando. Dionisio was surprised and was the first to congratulate the newly wedded couple.

Meanwhile, Lucio threatened to disrupt the wedding and prevent it from taking place. He desperately went to Dominga's hut to seek out Esmeralda and warn that he would prevent the wedding. Dominga who was still frail and recuperating was terrorized by the visit of Lucio, thinking he may hurt her again.

José Armando supported and encouraged Adrián to continue to fight for his love, Graciela, in spite of the scheming opposition of Fátima. he told him not to give up hope to marry Graciela too.

After the wedding the new happy couple went to dinner. Fermín also visited Dominga and told her that this is the right moment to tell Esmeralda the truth about her paternity, so that she could know that Rodolfo was her biological father.

Graciela, acting according to the script of her mother, Fátima, told Adrián to leave her in peace and forget about her.

After dinner, the newest couple in the village went to their favourite spot by the waterfall, at the entrance of the cave. There, that memorable night, with the stars as witnesses, they made love under the open sky, on their wedding night.

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