Sunday, December 31, 2006

Esmeralda 30: Miserable Honeymoon

After the love-making, José Armando invited Esmeralda and her gauardian, Dominga, to spend some few days with him in Casa Grande. She was reluctant because of the hostility of his parents and usurpers living in Casa Garnde with him.

Lucio, after having failed to distrupt or prevent the wedding from taking place, wept bitterly for his failutre and loss of Esmeralda to José Armando.

Fátima announced to Graciela that Esmeralda would be coming to spend some time in Casa Grande. Fátima pretended to be very happy with this development, but her real goal was to use the opportunity of closeness to Esmeralda, to perpetrate evil against her, and possibly arrange an 'accident' that would kill Esmeralda.

José Armando became relaxed because of Fátima's enthusiastic disposition, so, he requested Fátima to prepare an extra room for ailing Dominga, who would be coming to recuperate in Casa Grande, during his honey moon.

Esmeralda told Dominga about the honor done her, with her invitation to live with them in Casa Grande. She also told her that the church wedding would soon take place to seal her matrimony with José Armando.

Melesio was saddened by the departure of Esmeralda and Dominga to Casa Grande. Esmeralda took along with her, the emerald earrings to Casa Grande for her honeymoon.

On arrival, Fátima swung into action with her hypocritical plan. While 'helping' Esmeralda to go to her room, she delibrately kicked the beautiful ceramic flower pot which shattered to pieces on reaching the floor with a loud bang.

Esmeralda was frightened by the crash, but Fátima lied by accusing Esmeralda of breaking the family artifact of many decades.

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