Sunday, December 31, 2006

Esmeralda 28: Intrigues Multiplied

Dr. lucio and Blanca approached Esmeralda separately, asking her not to marry José Armando. Lucio had no solid reasons when Esmeralda challenged him on why he was against her proposed marriage to José Armando, after he had promised that he would pay for her sugery to make her regain her sight.

José Armando pleaded with Graciela to forgive him for breaking his engagement to her. He explained to her that he liked her like a sister and not really in love with her. José Armando told Blanca that he was traveling to the city for some few days, to the Marriage Registry in the city to arrange and apply for the formalization of his proposed marriage to Esmeralda.

Fátima was appalled to overhear the plans of Armando.

Rodolfo was worried by the rapid recovery of Dominga, whom he knew would expose him for sponsoring violence against her, as soon as she fully recovers. To avoid the impending scandal, he too announced that he would be traveling out for some days to Tijuana for some very important business meetings.

Dominga was happy with the good news of Esmeralda's impending wedding to Armando. Crisanta warned Blanca to steer clear of the love affairs between Armando and Esmeralda.

Blanca begged her to renounce her commitment to marry her son. She assured her that her eyes would be treated and other things given to her if she can sacrifice her love by renouncing her love for José Armando. Esmeralda was sad by this arm-twisting tactic of Blanca and she told Fermín about it.

José Armando was shocked and confused to learn from Esmeralda that she was no longer interested in marrying him the next day.

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