Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Snippets 115

The invisible cupid cord that bound Carlos and Luisa is always activated anytime when they are alone with each other. From dinner to singing and before you could say: Jack Robinson! they were in each other's arms kissing passionately. L.F after some time had to break away from Carlos embrace and also accused him of kissing her. She warned him to stop it because their respective fiancees won't be happy to learn that they were together alone, kissing each other.

Pedro and Marissa got officially engaged and their romantic courtship got into full swing.

Alfredo was lonely and miserable, knowing that L.F would never love him as much as she loves Carlos Eduardo, and that her gesture of symbolic marriage vow, to him was out of pity for his miserable state.

Carlos left L.F's house and went to see that new apartment which Jenny has chosen. while examining the features, scheming Jenny tried to distract his attention from the clock, so that he would be too late to go home and therefore sleep over at the new house.

L.F too eventually reconsidered the invitation to meeting by Consuelo at the hotel's restaurant. When she got there, she was surprised to see L.A sitting at the same table with Consuelo. After she had sat down, L.A told her calmly that he was her father. She did not believe him. He told her half truths that he never knew that Amelia was pregnant by him. It was just a teenage fling. He never saw Amelia again until just before the tragic accident in which she got killed. Consuelo testified to all what L.A told her. L.F broke down in tears to know that this sneaky villain was her father.

She left them abruptly at the table for home, but she could not go home because of the heavy burden of this discovery. She went to the romantic garden which used to be the love zone between her and Carlos, to weep uncontrollably at the misfortune of having a villain like L.A, as father, and also because everybody around her knew this but they did not tell her. Her memory flashed back to when Amelia was excited to meet L.A in court, and when she became sad after her encounter with L.A because he did not recognize her (Amelia).

When Caesar saw how his mom grew hysterical anytime he asked to know his dad. He sobered up and accepted his fate. He calmed down his mom and assured her that he would never ask her to know his Dad again.

In his quest to meet his half sister, Armando implored Lucero to help him trace where she lives, so that he can go to tell her that they were the same blood from the same father.

Carlos Eduardo visited Don Fernando, and he told him that it was a tall dream to expect L.F to come back to him to marry him. Don disagreed with him, saying, like never before, he should stand up to fight for Luisito's love, for that is the only thing that can guarantee his matrimonial happiness. He urged him never to settle down with the 'witch' called Jennifer.


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Ohhhhhhh don;t marissa and pedro look so cute together.
Booooooo isn't jennifer a skimming witch what a devil.
Uhhhhhhh isn't victor a bit too girlfreindish how uh victorish