Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Snippet 9: Ripples of Emotional Crack

The ripples of the emotional cracks between José Armando and Graciela has begun to spread, and in a very bad taste too. Rodolfo could not stand the breakdown of the 'arrangee marriage' between his 'son' and Graciela. He went to warn Esmeralda not to come near his José Armando again.

Armando and Adrián also fought a bitter and jealous lovers' battle over Esmeralda. Lucio mounted a ferocious threat on Dominga that she should give Esmeralda out in marriage to him immediately. Rodolfo was furious that an employee in his Ranch Adrián, fought with his heir, over a woman's love, so, he told Blanca and Fátima that he would sack Adrián, from the Estate. Blanca asked him to investigate if it was true, so that he would not unjustly fire a poor employee.

Graciela went around town parading herself alongside José Armando, until they both arrived at the the departmental store in town, where they accidentally stumbled on Esmeralda. Even though she was blind, she felt that José Armando was in the store with her. She looked intensely at his direction until Armando left the store.

Esmeralda went home to recount her sad experience to Dominga, about how Rodolfo contemptuously lambasted her and warned her not to come and see his 'son' again. Rodolfo later changed his mind about firing Adrián from his employment.

Lucio made desperate efforts to convince Esmeralda that he was the best man that can take care of her if she marries him. Esmeralda asked him that if he was so concerned for her, why hasn't he been able to heal her eyes, since he was a doctor. Lucio lied that, she could never see again, and that her case was that of permanent blindness.

Esmeralda got home crying, because of the sad news that Lucio gave her, that she would never be able to regain her sight. Dominga comforted her and made her wear that mysterious emerald earrings.

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