Saturday, December 02, 2006

Snippets 102

L.F confronted her that she was a liar, because she had been colluding, collaborating and even accommodating the worst enemy of Carlos Eduardo- L.A.

Leopoldo was arrested and interrogated by the detectives. Carlos was surprised and told Ordonez that Leopoldo was L.A's best friend.

When Salvador arrived, Pedro advised him to disappear for a while, into thin air, until the tension calms down. Salvador and his escapee friend slept the night on a dark and narrow street.

The Parents of Salvador came to the police station, and met Pedro there. They called him a kidnapper, and he responded by wanting to fight them, before he was held and calmed down by people around.

Don Fernando appeared again at the court house in solidarity with Carlos on the day of resumed hearings. So also was L.F. L.A was shocked to the marrow when the judge asked that Leopoldo and the assassins be produced. During cross-examination, Leopoldo admitted that he was the one who sent hired assassins against L.A.

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Muhsin said...

Thats our hope.Everything has come out in the wash. Carlos escaped L.A's false allegation.