Friday, December 08, 2006

Snippets 130

After much pleadings by Vanessa that fell on Consuelo's deaf ears, she packed and went to live with L.F. It was a classic case of "use and dump", Consuela used her to put L.F in jail, now she duped and dumped her unto the streets. Life's irony now played itself out, as L.F rescued Vanessa, her former persecutor and bosom friend, to put a roof over her head when Consuelo dumped her.

Vanessa's fiance was very angry to discover the intrigue of Consuela against her. Sop, he went to the iron and steel company to confront and insult Consuelo for maltreating his wife-to-be, in the absence pf Don and after the death of her father, Heriberto.

Alfredo, L.F and Xochil proceeded to La Paz. Carlos too packed his luggage and went with his mom to La Paz... Then, ... the encounter! L.F was pleasantly surprised to see Carlos at the port, Alfredo was enraged to see him there. He must have nick-named Carlos as a 'stubborn pursuer'... LOL.

Carlos explained to L.F that he had brought his mom for physio-therapeutic treatment for her legs. He also told her he came to make sure that Alfredo does not persecute her or force her against her will to do whatever she does not like to do.

Marissa realized too late that her trip to La Paz was an emotional coup de tat by Carlos against his arc-rival, Alfredo. When she saw L.F, she knew that trouble was being brewed for fermentation like alcohol, by her son. Pedro, after some few days also, headed for La Paz, to surprise his wife-to-be with solidarity.

Rubén, Lupe's run-away husband, stumbled on his teenage friend, Luis Alejandro Montero, and was happy to rescue him from his travails with Marissa, by appointing him as the new legal Adviser to his company. Birds of the smae feather floc together. L.A impregnated Amelia and absconded, Rubén also impregnated Lupe and took flight, 2 decades later, both now desperately want to identify what with what they had ran from... Rubén wanted to re-marry Lupe, and seeking to know and father his fatherless son, Caesar; L.A wanted to be a late-hour or, is it late-comer father to L.F, and of course partake in her inheritance from her grandfather, ... life is an irony.

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