Friday, December 08, 2006

Snippets 131

The wicked is on the defensive. The just are on the offensive. Alfredo was saddened throughout his stay at La Paz. He was very intolerant with L.F and edgy. Why? because Carlos, his arc-rival was in town. Don was happy to see L.F at La Paz. He booked a dinner appointment with L.F when she told him that she wanted to discuss with him on some crucial matters that happened before she left Mexico.

In the morning Carlos went to register Marissa at the Physio center. L.F was afraid and begged him not to come near her so that he would not upset an already edgy and tensed Alfredo. He invited her to dinner but she told him she already had a dinner date with Don Fernando.

Carlos later went around to lobby Don to also invite him to the same dinner so that he would be in company of L.F. Don was excited and gladly extended the same invitation to him.

In the evening, when L.F dressed up for the dinner with Don, Alfredo was very sad because he knew Don's favorable disposition towards the L.F-Carlos affair. So, he boycotted the dinner. He was troubled by her departure, but impotent to stop her. After she left, Xochil mistakenly fell on Alfredo, because his leg unintentionally tripped her.

As she landed on him... things happened in rapid succession, at the inexplainable speed of lightening... this delectably beautiful creature, that Alfredo had never given a romantic chance in his miserable life, was now resting on him. The aroma of her body and her heart beats communicated irresistible passion to his numb body. They melted together into one, as he passionately kissed her and she yielded her lips and body to his craving and crying emotion.

Meanwhile at the restaurant, as L.F emerged and saw Carlos at dinner with Don, she attempted to go back but Carlos saw her and shouted aloud for all people seated at the restaurant to hear him... He pulled out the table knife from the dinner pouch and declared jokingly that he would kill himself if this lady, (meaning L.F), should go back, and not come to sit with him. The mild drama embarrassed her, and she came to sit at Don's table with them.

Marissa was pleasantly surprised by the love trip that drove Pedro after 3 days of missing her, from Mexico to La Paz. They embraced each other and began to kiss publicly, Don and Rigoberto saw them and made fun of the two lovers.

Back in Mexico, Vanessa counted her blessings as she took charge, being alone at home in L.F's house. Ordo'ñez went to warn Rubén in his office to stop disturbing his wife-to-be, as Lupe was no longer interested in him (Rubén).

Armando remains a vagabond graduate without a job and roaming the streets. Lucero promised to fix him up as a lawyer to work with a television station.

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