Friday, December 08, 2006

Snippets 132

La Paz is fast becoming a theater of virulent emotional warfare. Jenny came back from her aborted Vera Cruz modeling campaign because of canceled flights, occasioned by bad weather. She then shifted her armoury of battle to La Paz, when she learnt that Carlos and L.F were there too. Being the "Face of Latin America", equivalent of our "Face of Africa" Oluchi Onweagba.

She told the Director of the Modelling Agency, Guillermo, that she prefers to take off from La Paz. That one did not know her motive. Meanwhile, Guillermo is dying to marry Jenny, but Jenny was obsessed with Carlos Eduardo. Carol advised Jenny to accept to marry Guillermo because he is as rich and handsome as Carlos, but Jenny said NO!

L.F told Don, to his surprise, that Consuelo had sent Vanessa packing from the house, just before she left for La Paz, and that Vanessa was now staying in her house. She didn't stay too long with Don and did not give Carlos any opportunity to come too close to her. Alfredo broke down and wept in frustration, telling Xochil that he would be of no use to her, given his paralytic state. Xochil confessed her love for him.

Back in Mexico, Reuben did not have to lick the wound of rejection by Lupe for long. He was attracted to Consuelo and both got on along together. Consuelo invited him to dinner in her house, alone with her. She practically seduced him, and as their romance grew unto a climax, and just before the two stripped naked for love making, Camilla appeared. The night of romance was ruined for them.

Vanessa heard tales from her fiance on how Consuelo asked security guards of the Iron and steel company to throw him out of the company's premises.

Marisa took the poor gardener to the most sophisticated and classy restaurant in La Paz. She thought him the etiquettes of wining and dinning, in the tastes of the rich. She told him he had to match the standard of her class, because that was the favorite pastime of her profession and class, and he must quickly adapt to it, before their wedding and public presentation. Carlos was frank with them, he was not happy because L.F was not there with him to share his joy.

L.F met Nurse Maribel at the clinic in La Paz. She was the lady that shared the same cell with her while she was imprisoned by Consuela and Vanessa's evil conspiracy. She poured her sorrow to Maribel, on how she got herself entrapped in a loveless relationship with Alfredo, and lost the moral courage to get out of it now, while her only love, Carlos Eduardo, the father of her son, was suffering and wanting to return and marry her.

The inevitable confrontation between Carlos and Alfredo in La Paz came. Alfredo accused Carlos of coming to La Paz because of L.F and not because if Marissa. He admitted it and said does his presence make him sad. The Director of the Physio Clinic in La Paz threw a party to welcome his Very Important Patients (VIPs), Marissa, Don Fernando and of course Carlos who recommended them for the treatment. Alfredo jealously boycott the party.

L.A equipped his new office and became a Property and estate Consultant. His bosom friend who financially rehabilitated him told him of his exploits, of how he almost slept with Consuelo the previous night, but the atmosphere was ruined by a house maid.

Ordo'├▒ez told lawyer Mujica of his discovery that L.A and Reuben were bosom childhood friends. L.A warned Solozarno to take a good custody of the stolen bank's document.

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