Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Still At Risk!

Pedro to me in tonite's dramedy of the gardener's daughter (la hija del jardinero), was a pathetic fellow whose weakness has been transformed into a shackle of captivity over his beloved 'daughter' L.F. This lesson I learnt from Snippet 106 and Snippet 107.

Confronted by the truth of L.F being the sole heiress to the Alcantara fortune, this, permit me to call him a life-long loser, was afraid of L.F knowing about the fortune, because in doing so, she would also know about Luis Alejandro being her biological father.

For this reason, Pedro said he did not care about the fortune, (even though, he was in dire financial needs), if that would shroud the paternity of L.A from the unfortunate girl. My prayers from this lesson is that: God save and deliver me from the selfishness of my lovers, O lord, deliver me from those who genuinely wanted to protect me, but for their selfish motives.

Pedro truly loved L.F to the point of obsession, seeing her as a baby-toy in his hands, to determine her destiny and pattern it after his own that was full of hurting secrets and hideous shames.

I was ashamed to see sister Joaquina as Pedro's hypocritical accomplice in this hideous 'crime'. It was totally unacceptable to me for a Nun to partake in these 'holy' lies. Even when L.F confronted them to ask what L.A came to do in her house, these two hypocrites slyly avoided her query and were laboring to divert her attention with other matters.

Like I always say, The gardener's daughter should have rounded up at episode 110 and not 180. Tonite's episode confirmed that the script writers just wanted to unnecessarily prolong the telenovela.

There was no reason in the world to prevent Vanessa from telling the truth to L.F when she rushed to her floral shop for that purpose. there was no reason again for Don Fernando Alcantara to fall sick again or suffer brain hemorrhage.

It has become boring and nauseating from this deliberate elongation from Episode 106. The remaining 70 or so episodes, are nothing but embellishments which could have been compressed to ten extra episodes.


Anonymous said...

I quite agree with you that it should have wrapped up, all this C.e.reconciling with jenny today and breaking up tomorrow is not it. it still makes for interesting watching though, but it would have been better if we did not know what was going to happen next like we do now.

Emmanuel Olofin said...

You are very correct, Phil. I said this long time ago. Is there a competion for the length a writer could drag his story? Or how much a story could be stretched in a telenovela such sa the TGD? It takes the cake for unnecessary elongation.

I agree with anonymous that it still makes some watching, even though we know the grande finale. However, the path to get there still has some hidden tit bits!

chris said...

I totally diagree with the two comments .The writer is not neccessary prolonging the opera because in real live situation all facets and direction must be explore all the possible permutaions must be exhausted if not true love will not triumph
do u folks want it to end like a nollowood movie where before the word go u already know how it will end .Lastly the movie teaches a special lesson on each episode and the message is been passed on
from chris

Arinola said...

Hello there

Thank you and God bless you so much for keeping us to date with the 'Gardener's daughter' soap.

This is Arinola, my mum is very keen to get the DVDs you advertised previously to catch up with missed episodes.

Would you kindly tell us how and when we can get hold of them please?