Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snippets 106

Rigo reacted sharply to Consuela's shakara, saying that the time to play dumb has ended, and that she would expose Consuela to Don, for all the evil she had done to L.F. Consu succeeded in postponing the judgment day, as she promised Rigo that she would, by herself tell Don the whole truth about Luisito, but Rigo should give her a breathing space of time, to get prepared for the task.

Vanessa came out of hiding and confronted Consuelo. She also vowed not to keep quiet, that she would expose the whole truth of her lineage and paternity to Luisa Fernanda. She rushed out to search for L.F, an when she got her, she asked her to talk privily with her, on an urgent secret that she ought to know. As Vanessa opened her mouth to tell her the secret, the social welfare staff entered the house to announce to all present that, Salvador's adoption by Pedro has been approved by the judge.

Everyone went into wild orgy of jubilation and dancing. Vanessa had to leave the scene for another appropriate time, when she hoped to come and tell L.F. the truth. She went straight to indict her father, Heriberto, for colluding with Consuelo to falsify Don's Will in order to deprive L.F of her rightful inheritance.

Pedro and L.F accepted the hand of assistance that Marissa stretched to them. Mujica got in touch with the lawyer representing the new buyer. Despite the mouth-watering offers of Marissa, the lawyer told Mujica that his client won't compromise the purchase of the mortgage debt for any sum of money. Marissa told them that the buyer refused to give up the possession, even with a mouth-watering offer proposed to him. She advised them that they may be in danger of losing the house any moment.

Ordonez and Lupe called Pedro aside, and showed him all the facts of L.F's paternity and how Don had willed all his fortune to her. Ordonez asked him to fulfill that noble role by calling L.F, to tell her that her father was L.A. Pedro was afraid and ashamed, because it looked too late now, if he had to tell L.F, he felt L.F would never forgive him, if he told her the truth now. Sister Joaquina also warned him that this is his best opportunity to tell the truth to L.F about L.A. In the midst of their talk, L.A appeared in Pedro's house to demand once again to meet his daughter.

It was a big drama, As Pedro was accusing him of being an opportunist, seeking for L.F because Don had willed his fortunes to her. L.F came out and was surprised to see L.A. in her house. She did not give him any room for explaining his mission, she chased him out of her house.

Don Fernando, at the edge of his memory breakthrough, suffered an asthmatic attack, which caused a complicated case of brain damage. Consuelo was so overjoyed by this latest development, because it would be in her favor, if Don relapse into amnesia or even die at this point. She knew that she would never have to confess anything about L.F to Don.

Armando went to the prison to interview Leopoldo about who his step sister was, since he (Leopoldo) knew so much about his father, L.A, from their teenage days.

Fearful and cowardly Alfredo went to Carlos and requested him to please, advise and persuade L.F not to renege on her promise to marry him (Alfredo). Carlos laughed at his cowardice and spinelessness. He told him not to worry because, L.F is not a baby. Since she had made a commitment to marry him (Alfredo), based on moral indebtedness to him, and not based on true love, he mocked him saying, L.F would fulfill her moral obligation to him.


Jen said...


Nice snippets sharing...How did/will the story end????

thanks for sharing


Anonymous said...

Phil, Things are really shaping up. If you have listened well you could have heard my laughter all the way from Kano, laughing with C.E. and doffing my hat for old Rigo. I don't thing LF will eventually marry for moral obligation rather than love. Indeed, you can feel her love for Carlos oozing out as she advises him to be a Knight in a shining armour and be grateful to Jenny de La Schemer, thereby imitating her own sacrifice by considering Alfredo. But gratitude is not a substitute for love. I do hope Don doesn't get down. Seems the Queen of sharp-sharp deceit doesn't know when the game is up - I mean Concealer Consuelo. However, the truth is just a few speeches away! Carry on gardening.

Rosaline said...

Consuelo is finished!!! But how can one be so wicked?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Many thanks Phil for keeping the gist flow constant. Sometimes i wish i can have the whole episodes and watch at once. Very good storyline i must say and since Consuelo and L.A are both meeting their doom's day, i hope Jennifer is not spare bcos she is full of deceit.

Thanks once again...

Anonymous said...

"Spared" i meant to say.

sorry friends.