Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snippets 107

Marissa and Mujica considered it weird that a mouth-watering offer to repurchase Pedro's mortgage debt was rejected. They then concluded that whoever the mystery new buyer was, it must be a mortal enemy of Pedro that was determined to cause untold hardship for him and his daughter. There are things money can't buy, a mortal enemy that stands to gain much by your death would not be pacified by money. Marissa, with all her fortune is gradually realizing this truth.

Marissa renewed her offer to Pedro and L.F to come and live in her mansion. Pedro was worried because the adoption of Salvador may be canceled, if the authorities discovered that he does no have a house to bring him up.Alfredo, the opportunist also urged L.F to let both of them marry immediately so that she can have a roof over her head by living with him as his wife.

Jenny phoned L.A to warn him that Carlos now knows through Carol's information that he (L.A) has a daughter by another woman. She warned him that Carlos would tell Marissa this new information and it may negatively affect the consideration of Marissa from forgiving him.

When Marissa offered to buy Pedro a new house, he politely turned down the offer, saying he would prefer the gift of passionate and loving kiss from her. Marissa was touched by his expression of true love, she accepted and gave his a "YES" kiss. While they were at it, L.A arrived with motive to come and disabuse Marissa's mind not to believe whatever Carlos may have come to tell her about him having a daughter by another woman. He was stunned beyond imagination to see Marissa kissing a common gardener. He felt ashamed and humiliated to witness such a scenario. He just withdrew from being seen by the new lovers.

Mujica also called Carlos to alert him that they lost the battle to repurchase Pedro's mortgage debt. He warned him that L.F and her father may be homeless in a matter of days. Carlos thanked him and went to see L.F. He told her that he wanted to buy a new house for his son, Pedrito. Alfredo was threatened by this deft move of Carlos and he expressed his worry about the offer. But L.F insisted and succeeded in convincing Alfredo to let her accept the new house offer of Carlos for Pedrito.

Pedro, after the long and heavenly kissing session with Marissa, declared his unquenchable love for her, she was touched by the honest difference in his expression and accepted to go out with him.

Armando continued his investigation into his mystery half sister. He met and discussed it with Vanessa, and Vanessa told him the identity of his half sister. Consuelo and Heriberto organized a meeting with Vanessa to calm her down and negotiate with her, since she already know their secret agenda to disinherit her bosom friend, Luisa Fernanda.

Consuelo's lawyer reported back to her about the overtures of Marissa's lawyer. She instructed him to go back to the negotiating table and demand for an outrageous amount for the repurchase of Pedro's mortgage debt.

Based on tip-off, Police detectives came to search Solozarno's house for the stolen bank documents. They could not find any trace of the documents. L.A later came to accuse Marissa of cheating on him with a common gardener.

Don Fernando's health complications worsened.


Muhsin said...

What a horrible? Why that Director is almost always making things more complicated? I'm talking of Don's health.
Though, this is a nice idea. Because, I think, he's prolonging the film. Kudos to him!

Anonymous said...

i think this is being prolonged for too long.while the soap is interesting, i think its better to get it over and done with so that people don't get bored.

i almost fainted with hilarious laugh when i saw that pedro was going to kiss marissa and that LA would probably walk in on them. serves him right. i just hope marissa won't chicken out and begin to beg him............the loser

Anonymous said...

I thing thar the soap exaggerate too much why does Don have to be sick now and can't Jenny just laeve Carlos alone. Finnaly Marissa found someone new in her life she was blinded by L.A for too long.