Thursday, February 01, 2007

Give Me Your Kiss

Dramatic! Pedro told Marissa that he would be content with her friendship but the irresistible chemistry between the two, since the death of Amelia in Episode 41 seems to drew them closer to the point where Pedro asked from this his 'friend' a kiss. That controversial and long-drawn kiss spun them through innumerable cycles of passion. That kiss triggered a crisis of public embarrassment for Marissa's public image and her bank. L.A, the treacherous, became L.A, the Jealous when he saw Pedro and Marissa in a compromise kiss. Pedro promised to be her 'silent lover' so that he would not be the reason for disharmony in her marriage to L.A. She responded that his pure love has nothing in the world to compare to, not even in her 20-year Marriage to L.A.

After controlling his temper disrupting that romantic session, he later went to Marissa's house to accuse her of cheating on him.

Consuelo was betrayed by his legal representative, as the smart alec could not resist the mouth-watering offer that that Mujica gave him. he went behind Consuela, despite her warning not to heed any percentage offer, to settle the mortgage deal, by offering to sell at 200% above original cost to Marissa through Mujica.

Snippet 107 has captured this drama. If you want to go a step ahead to know some 65-75% of what would happen in tomorrow, Thursday's episode, get the snippets from Snippet 108.

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Bukky said...

I knew Mrs. Marissa is in love with Pedro, since Pedro do talk about his wife(Ameila) it wont surprise me if they Kiss.
I love them to be a couple.