Sunday, March 18, 2007

Adalberto Santander - Leonardo Daniel

Actor Leonardo Daniel a.k.a "Adalberto Santander" - This is one man whose name was so prominent in "Cuando Seas Mia" (When You Are Mine), but whose face and memory was scarcely preserved. He played the role of the late father of Diego, "Joaquin Sanchez Serrano", he died untimely, at his prime. He was one of the two sons of Inez for Lorenzo Sanchez Serrano, and also the younger brother of Juan Francisco, Fabian's father.

He acted another unfortunate role here. He was the pitiable father of Rebeca, whom he did not know. The consequential frustration of a fruitless and vain marriage to society lady, Regina Montalbán, pushed him into the agonizing search for his unknown daughter after 20 years.

Imagine what would happen when he eventually discovers that, his rich brother in-law and his wife's nephew were both in love with his unknown daughter.

He suffered so much from the hands of his bitchy wife, that he regretfully confessed that if he had married Maltide, he would have been a fulfilled and happy man. so much of the vanity of riches and the sorrow of those who pursue it to the detriment of their future peace and happiness.