Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sergio Montalbán - Víctor Cámara

Victor Cámara is an old hand in the telenovela business. He was the lover boy in "Topazio", the original version of "Esmeralda". Here, he acted as "Sergio Montalbán", the wealthy shipping magnate and rich widower who unknowingly fell in love with Rebeca, a girl who later turned out to be his son's fiancee.

The "BUT" in this rich man's life was that, he has a moral skeleton in his wardrobe. His daughter, Carolina, was not the offspring of his late wife, she was the flower that germinated out of the seed of indulgence and alcoholic stupor between him and his housemaid, Sara.

Nobody, except him and Sara knew and kept this secret for two decades, until the entry of Rebeca put asunder every conspiracy, plotted in darkness. He was a proud father that sacrificially raised his children to adulthood.

When the time came for him to sit back and ejoy a quiet peaceful matrimonial life, with the woman he loved, his old 'sins' haunted and found him out.

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Mercy Oforiwaa said...

Sergio is selfish, He should leave
Rebecca for his son.