Sunday, March 18, 2007

Regina Montalbán de Santander - Katie Babieri

Actress Katie Babieri: the only thing that rivaled the prominence of the wickedness of "Regina Montalbán de Santander" in this telenovela was her fiery eyeballs. She was the persecutor-in-chief of Rebeca.

She was the first to abuse the humble girl with a hot slap on the face. She vowed fight and resist the romantic efforts of her rich brother to marry this girl, not knowing initially that, she was the unknown daughter of her miserable husband, Adalberto.

This society lady was an adulteress that relentlessly fought the moves of her hubby to divorce her and remarry any woman, particularly, Matilde. She remained a idle pest and irritant in the home of her rich elder brother, Sergio Montalbán. Her despicable acts could only be compared to the role of Jeniffer de la Vega of the gardener's daughter fame.

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