Sunday, March 18, 2007

Eduardo Montalbán - Ricardo Alamo

Eduardo Montalbán, heir to the fortune of the Montalbán financial dynasty, grew up as pampered and confused rich boy. He enjoyed life and 'bounced' girls without measure ... until he met one that refused to dance to his amorous drumbeats. That girl was Rebeca Linares.

This made Eduardo to fall in love much more with her, and this, to the detriment of the ambition of his lack-luster and gold-digging fiancee, Princesa Izaguirre. For a long time Eduardo dilly-dallied over his relationship with this lady. He was manipulated and lacked the guts to draw the line in the sand for her.

Eduardo suffered a great emotional set-back when his father 'snatched' and married the love of his life- Rebeca Linares. This only paved the way for high-level infidelity, at the end of which his father gave up, and recognized the right of his heir and only son, to a happy marital life with the woman he loved so dearly.


Anonymous said...

It seems rebescca is going to be interesting. When is going to air and on which channel? Thanks and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

good day to you and keep up the good work ,the Lord is your strength.thanks for the gardener's daughter ,please how do i get to read the REBECCA story.have a great day.


Zainab Ankah said...

Hi,good day and complement of the season.I write to thank you so much for the gardener's daughter it is very interesting pls keep it up.Lastly,pls how and when can i get the complete story of REBECCA?I so much need to have a copy of the written story.Thanks and God bless.

Violet said...

Hi, i did like Rebecca, my request is how i can get the copy coz i wasn't able to watch it to the end.Great job anyway and God bless